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What Type of Sheets Are Best for Summer?

With the warm weather starting earlier it means it's time to break out the sheets that will keep you cool during those hot summer nights! But what type of sheets should you choose for the season?

There are different options to choose from, and each has its own set of pros and cons. This blog post will discuss the different types of sheets and help you decide which is best for you!

So, What Sheets Are Best for Summer?

Summer brings the hottest weather of the year, so it's important to choose sheets that will keep you cool and comfortable all night long. The three most popular options are cotton, linen, and bamboo.


Cotton is a popular choice for summer sheets because it's light and breathable. Cotton is also a fairly affordable option, which makes it a great choice for those on a budget. However, cotton sheets can sometimes feel heavy and sticky in the summer heat.

If you are going to use cotton sheets in the summer, be sure to choose a light-weight option. Look for sheets that are labeled "breathable" or "cooling." This way, you can be sure that your sheets will keep you cool and comfortable all night long.


Linen is another popular choice for summer sheets. Linen is a natural fiber that is known for its breathability and cooling properties. Linen sheets are also very durable, which makes them a great investment for your bedding.

However, linen sheets can be quite expensive. If you are on a budget, linen may not be the best choice for you but it is worth saving up for a pair. Additionally, linen sheets require special care when washing and drying. Be sure to follow the care instructions carefully to avoid damaging your sheets.