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Where can I get good quality faux flowers?

artificial flowers faux blooms from Bridgman astrantia and roses

We have the answer to this question (we always do). But let's get one thing out of the way first. There is nothing wrong with choosing artificial flowers for your interior decor. From small fashion boutiques to large boutique hotels we have seen artificial plants and blooms used everywhere. Even Architectural Digest approves of them (with the lobby to their offices in New York also filled with faux topiaries).

Fashion and interiors grand dames like Carolina Herrera and Madelaine Castaing have used them for years. Surely they know something more? We remember a time (very long ago) when faux flowers where an interiors faux-pas that everyone seemed to want to avoid. Recently, however, artificial flowers are getting trendy once more, with designers stepping up their game to produce life-like blooms and plants.

This year home and garden furniture brand Bridgman launched their very own collection of no less than seven artificial bouquets, saving you time having to choose the right blooms to fill your home with. They come in an assortment of colours and feature a variety of flowers to make them even more real-life looking and taking inspiration from artisanal bouquets that we so often see featured on and offline.

Investing in a good quality bouquet of artificial flowers is a great idea if you are looking for something low maintenance: no more forgetting t change the water or throw the flowers away, or indeed spending more to buy flowers that have an expiry date.

artificial flowers faux blooms from Bridgman astrantia and roses

As always, the brands that get featured on Seasons are those that we have seen up close, tested, and are happy to spread the word for (and believe us, we do turn away a lot of brands that are not worth your time or money). Bridgman is one of the brands we're happy to shout out about.

We originally saw them up close during the Chelsea Flower Show. Their large stand was featuring some really impressive garden furniture but a look on their website revealed that they cover a whole range of home accessories as well.

Back to their artificial flower bouquet range, however! The question was 'where can I get good quality faux flowers'? With the Bridgman bouquets there's something for every taste and occasion or to suit your specific decor based on flower colour.

We tried the flowers (all in the name of good decor) and believe that they will be well received by savvy home owners and interior stylists/ home stagers who want to keep their interiors looking beautiful, but without the fuss of having to buy new flowers every so often.

The detail of the bouquets leaves no doubt that a lot of thought and effort has gone into creating them (and sending them too! When we opened our box we found them wrapped in scented tissue - such a nice touch!).

artificial flowers faux blooms from Bridgman astrantia and roses

artificial flowers faux blooms from Bridgman astrantia and roses

Arranging them was easy and there was even a surprise hidden inside one of the roses: a little golden bee pin (which can be used on a coat our blouse). When we posted some photos on social media the feedback we got was that they were indeed very life-like. And that's what you want, right?

So there's your answer - you can get good quality faux flowers that look like the real deal from Bridgman's, a company that specialises in inspired living through high quality furniture and home accessories. And don't just take our word for it, here are a good few reasons why you should be ordering your faux bouquet right now.

Being low maintenance means that you can leave them about any room and totally forget about them. You can go away on a trip without having to do the last minute vase emptying. You don't have to give them fresh water or flower food and you can even have your favourite blooms even if they are not "in season". Just remember, if you are using a clear glass vase, throw in some water - just to trick the eye into thinking these are real.

Better even, you can have blooms that might otherwise be forbidden in your home because of pets, like lillies. And if you are an eco-warrior, transporting one pound of artificial roses produces one-twentieth the amount of emissions as shipping one pound of real roses does.

Love flowers but are allergic to pollen? With artificial blooms you can have the look next to you bed without worrying of how you will feel in the next 5 minutes.

All in all, artificial flowers will surely put a smile on your face and lift your spirits.

As with most things, the less expensive faux flowers are, the less realistic they tend to be. Bridgman bouquets start at £89 for a Hot Pink Bouquet which is also the price for a mid-size 'designer' flower bouquet that can last up to a week. While they may feel a little pricey to start with, we think that it's an investment that very quickly pays off.

The bouquet we tried is the "Burgundy Blooms" (£95), and features a stunning array of Astrantia combined with burgundy roses and leaves of varying green hues. Bridgman suggest you team these with one of their Voyage Elemental vases (available here).

artificial flowers faux blooms from Bridgman astrantia and roses

When styling these faux blooms, you can keep the arrangement 'as is' or you can mix them with foliage for an even bigger arrangement. Depending on the size of your favourite vase you might also like to cut them shorter. To keep them 'upright' (as the roses tend to be top heavy) you can also use a little green oasis that you can find online.

If you liked the look of the Burgundy Blooms above, have a look at how Victoria at Apartment Number 4 styled her 'Hot Pink Bouquet'.

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The questions we have for you are: How do you feel about faux flowers? Are they a solution for your decor with all the above points in mind? And which bouquet is your favourite?


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