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I am absolutely delighted to inform you that you have been chosen by the John Lewis Affiliate team to win our “Content of the year” category.


The work you produce for John Lewis is exemplary - you inspire not only your own readers, but also the team over here with your posts. 


Your posts always look beautiful with perfectly thought out product placements – taking your own interpretation on the EDIT’s alongside charmingly written pieces with language that makes us tingle! 


Not only do we value the work you produce, you are such a pleasure to work with; you are patient with our requests, you have excellent knowledge of the affiliate channel and we know that we can rely on you to deliver in a timely manner.

Olivia Wise, Affiliate Window John Lewis team

Client: John Lewis

Seasons has worked with a number of interiors and lifestyle brands on styling projects, photography, writing, social media campaigns and brand ambassador partnerships. Guest posts are also welcome from well known brands. Advertisers and projects are chosen based on their relevance to Seasons in Colour readers and the topics covered here. All sponsored content is marked accordingly and promoted in line with UK Advertising Standards. Affiliate links may be included in posts. 
Successful collaborations
Please scroll down for a small sample of previous collaborations and testimonials from key partners. To make your advertising campaigns successful, I ask that you contact me with a defined brief and turnaround time. Please note that due to demand, you should aim to make a booking at least 4 weeks in advance of your desired publication time and products should be with me at least 2 weeks in advance. 
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  30000+ views  
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  1000+ views  
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  28700+ views  
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  3600+ views  

The client (DFS) is over the moon with your work, they said it's one of the best posts we've gotten so far and I can't help but agree. Just saw what you did on Instagram as well and we've never had anyone do something like that, it's amazing! Thanks so much for working with us on this! 

Charmaine Cabancla, The 7th Chamber PR Agency 

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  2400+ views  
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  2300+ views  
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  13000+ views  
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Thanks for this, looks amazing !

Emma Romsey, We are Drum 


What a great post! Thanks for sending it over, really does looks amazing. 

Sydney Davidson, PR First 


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