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10 awesome looking faux plants and flowers and how to display them

Faux plants are everywhere and their quality is so good these days that you wouldn't even believe they are not real. There are many arguments towards buying something that will last for ages without the need to be looked after (although I still understand if you prefer the real thing). If you are not green gingered and want to add some greenery in your home without feeling guilty when you are not around to water your new friend, then have a look at this round up of faux plants and how to store them in style.

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1. Short Palm, £125

This large and vibrant palm tree will add a botanical touch to your space with its realistic, reaching branches and abundance of fresh green leaves in varying tropical tones.

Faux Short Palm next to a green chair

2. String of Pearls, £45

With its waterfall of trailing stems and fleshy, pearl-like leaves, this Potted String of Pearls adds a unique botanical touch to any space

String of Pearls pot on a fireplace

3. Tall Agave, £90

Presented in a simple, black plastic pot, our tall faux agave stands at an impressive 85cm, with deep green succulent style leaves. A simple but elegant accent for your kitchen, bathroom or living space.

Faux Tall Agave on the floor next to a rattan chair

4. String of Hearts, £95

Each potted string of hearts features an abundance of stems with realistic dark green and burgundy leaves, presented in an aged effect pot.

Pot of String of Hearts on a fireplace

5. Mesquite, £50

This will bring a botanical touch to your space with its realistic, reaching branches and abundance of fresh green leaves. Use a metal planter to store it in.

Faux Mesquite plant on a console table

Faux Mesquite plant on a console table

6. Pink Peony Sprays, £50

Perfectly realistic and beautifully elegant, this set of three faux peony stems in soft rosy pink will add a beautiful decorative accent to your living space. And we all know that peonies are the bloggers' favourite flower, right? They look particularly good in tall recycled glass vases.

Pink Peony Sprays in a tall glass vase

Faux Pink Peony close up

7. Slim Leaf Eucalyptus, £25

We love the slim version of eucalyptus! To recreate this look, display in a Blue Dots Vase, or pair with hydrangeas for an elegant look.

Slim Leaf Eucalyptus in a dotted tall vase

8. Burgundy Tipped Aloe, £50

You might not be able to rip the benefits of a real aloe plant with this one, but still, it looks so good! Presented in a stylish clay pot with a distressed, blue-grey glaze. Place next to these monochrome dipped vases.

Burgundy Tipped Aloe in a ceramic small planter

9. Monstera, £225

You may love the real thing but how easy will it be to maintain? This one is big and will add some oomph to your space but it comes in a small plastic pot so to jazz up the look place it inside a belly basket.

Belly basket hand woven with a small sized monstera inside

10. Banana plant, £475

For this price you are probably better off buying the real thing and giving it a go but that's really up to you! And to keep it looking stylish, place it in a woven two tone basket.

Banana plant

Do you have a favourite faux plant or flower? Are you a fan of faux or do you always go for real?

Jenny Kakoudakis

Jenny Kakoudakis likes to blog about interiors. She launched the award-winning Seasons in Colour in 2014. When she is not chasing criminals out of the financial system (her day job), she gets creative by redecorating her own home.

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