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11 Autumn Decor accessories for 2019

Just after the school year started and Dulux announced their new Colour of the Year 2020, I found myself secretly craving for shorter days, cold weather, heavy coats and that cocooning feeling that Autumn brings with it. Don't tell anyone I told you. But with the rain and cold that ensued I felt the house was out of sync with the season and not well prepared at least in its decor. So I pulled out the blankets (see here how to style one throw three ways), set the heavier duvets on the beds and reused most of the things I already had at home.

Getting your home updated between seasons is an easy task and I see it as a challenge about being smart with how you re-use items that you already own instead of investing in something new. Sometimes though you do need to update your decor with something sparkling new (and maybe that is also a good opportunity to let something old go to a new home.

My wish list of items that are perfect for decorating your home this Autumn include (some links are affiliate):

1/ Wooly Throws

Wooly throws are cosy, and will keep you warm long after the radiator is turned off. And sometimes, it's not worth heating up a whole house or flat just because you want to stay late binge watching Netflix. They come in a variety of colours, and although I would stick to neutrals (it's 2019 after all), there are plenty of colourful ones to choose from if your interiors need a colour uplift.

During Chelsea Flower Show I came across a new brand, So Cosy. Their story began on a market stall in Spitalfields. You will love their beautiful, luxurious blankets made only from the finest alpaca, merino and sheep wools, and feel like you're being cuddled. Behind the brand you will find fashion designer and pattern cutter, Rimsky with a keen eye for design, textiles and colour. Vilija also comes from an artistic background and together their knowledge allows them to design and create beautiful throws and blankets, both traditional and modern, to complement all interiors.