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11 Autumn Decor accessories for 2019

Just after the school year started and Dulux announced their new Colour of the Year 2020, I found myself secretly craving for shorter days, cold weather, heavy coats and that cocooning feeling that Autumn brings with it. Don't tell anyone I told you. But with the rain and cold that ensued I felt the house was out of sync with the season and not well prepared at least in its decor. So I pulled out the blankets (see here how to style one throw three ways), set the heavier duvets on the beds and reused most of the things I already had at home.

Getting your home updated between seasons is an easy task and I see it as a challenge about being smart with how you re-use items that you already own instead of investing in something new. Sometimes though you do need to update your decor with something sparkling new (and maybe that is also a good opportunity to let something old go to a new home.

My wish list of items that are perfect for decorating your home this Autumn include (some links are affiliate):

1/ Wooly Throws

Wooly throws are cosy, and will keep you warm long after the radiator is turned off. And sometimes, it's not worth heating up a whole house or flat just because you want to stay late binge watching Netflix. They come in a variety of colours, and although I would stick to neutrals (it's 2019 after all), there are plenty of colourful ones to choose from if your interiors need a colour uplift.

During Chelsea Flower Show I came across a new brand, So Cosy. Their story began on a market stall in Spitalfields. You will love their beautiful, luxurious blankets made only from the finest alpaca, merino and sheep wools, and feel like you're being cuddled. Behind the brand you will find fashion designer and pattern cutter, Rimsky with a keen eye for design, textiles and colour. Vilija also comes from an artistic background and together their knowledge allows them to design and create beautiful throws and blankets, both traditional and modern, to complement all interiors.

2/ The Blanket Ladder

What a perfect way to style and display your throws (as well as tidy them up after use). The blanket ladder can also be placed in rooms for displaying or styling clothes and accessories, as well as in the bathroom for holding your towels. It's a multi functioning item and this winter it can take pride of place in your living room.

Places where you can find blanket or towel ladders include ETSY* (for one-off items, both metal and wooden) and The White Company. Or if you want to build your own ladder, follow the tutorial by Joyfully Growing Blog, featuring in the photo below.

3/ Jute and Seagrass Baskets

There is no way you do not already own one (or more) baskets in your home. They are another multi-purpose product that we have over the time used for storing blankets, magazines and even loo rolls. If you want to create a more cocooning feeling in Autumn you should hide hard reflective surfaces (metals and glazed ceramics) and add texture. So as shown above, for example, you can place a plastic/metal or glazed planter inside a tall basket.

Alternatively you can use the basket by the fireplace if you have one and decorate it with cut birch logs and decorate with fresh foliage or a blanket as shown by Setting for four blog.

4/ Candles all around

For an earthy look combine lots of white candles on wooden candlesticks but use a variety of heights; otherwise try odd numbers and display them symmetrically (like in a line on your mantlepiece).

5/ Pumpkins

It's not really Autumn unless there are pumpkins, right? So go to your local market and pick up different sizes to decorate throughout your home. Keep small ones on the table and large ones outside your home. And if you want some ideas about painting them try this 10+1 Elegant Pumpkin Designs round up with some of my personal favourite!

Below, one of my favourite US bloggers, Crafterry Bush shows how the autumnal decor can elevate a home that is filled with light colours.

6/ Handy Umbrella Stand

So when it rains and you come in, do you let your umbrella outside the front door? I did just that and the next day it was gone! It was not stolen, I found it, a few houses further down, it had been swept away by the wind! So invest in a good looking umbrella stand and keep your floors dry and your umbrellas safe!

Sturdy, stylish and very useful, this strong, freestanding, natural rattan umbrella basket from Cox & Cox is ideal for in the porch, beside the front door and along the hallway; a must for any British household.

7/ Textured Cushions

Layer your sofa and bed with cuddly cushions in the right colours. Wonderfully textured, cosy cushions are perfect for styling a contrast coloured chair or to pair with a monochrome or new neutral space. You can find some very popular Tibetan sheepskin cushions here.

Photo above and below: @seasonsincolour

8/ Foliage

Use real and faux greenery and flowers to create little pockets of interest and character around your home. Don't only use 'winter' specific greens but mix them up. Use them in baskets and arrange them in different heights or place them in vases that have a similar theme - usually colour.

Eucalyptus is always a safe option to have around a console table, mantlepiece or in a vase and if you opt for a wreath it will be a welcoming sign every time you come back home.

The epitome of a pared back style, a Eucalyptus Wreath is so richly filled with festive succulents and eucalyptus leaves, you have a real statement piece. Beautifully balanced in tone, hang to a door to add an intimacy to a contemporary Autumnal look. And because Christmas is not too far away, to create a botanical thread through your festive dressing, pair with a Succulent Eucalyptus Garland. You can find all the foliage (faux) above at Cox and Cox.

9/ Ceramics in warm colours and winter themes

You can introduce warmer wintery colours through cushions, throws, foliage but also through ceramics. Amber, terracotta, pewter, toffee, as well as jewel colours like emerald and amethyst all help create a cosier interior decor especially when they take the form of something that reminds us of winter, like these cute hedgehogs, perfect for chestnuts. Do not try to make big changes. It's all about creating beautiful small vignettes around your home. Small changes can really go a long way.

Above and below: Neptune Home

10/ Rugs

If you are tired of walking on a cold floor, then it's time to invest in a new runner or area rug. Consider this as a key investment as it can cover a large area and revive your decor without having to spend too much. Opt for natural fibre vs polystyrene.

Add a natural element to your home with a Striped Runner crafted from hardwearing seagrass with a striped pattern in a palette of beautiful earth tones. For a bohemian feel, or to bring texture to a neutral theme, this runner will bring interest to any interior.

How to choose your rug?

Wool - it is durable and resistant to wear and tear. Wool rugs are prone to light shedding in the first few months of use. Wool is a natural fibre with a matte finish, which adds warmth to a room and feels soft underfoot.

Hide: A natural hide rug will add a truly unique addition to your home. The hide is hand cut and stitched, and has a multi-tonal finish which varies from piece to piece.

Sheepskin: Made from natural sheepskin and batch dyed to achieve the desired tone, each sheepskin is a unique and natural product. There may be tonal variation from piece to piece, and there may also be a 5% variation in size.

Viscose: Similar to silk in look and feel, viscose has a soft sheen to the finish and can be multi-tonal, appearing a different shade from different angles. Viscose rugs are unsuitable for areas of high footfall and the fibres are easily soiled and tricky to clean.

11/ Interiors Books

Now that you have the whole scene set for Autumn, relax in your sofa, with your textured cushions and with a throw draped over you to read your favourite interiors books, which will also make for great coffee table decor after you have read them.

New books out in 2019 include Medina Grillo's Home Sweet Rented Home: Transform Your Home Without Losing Your Deposit and Karen Haller's The Little Book of Colour: How to Use the Psychology of Colour to Transform Your Life.

And that's it, you're ready for Autumn my friends!

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