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15 Contemporary staircases

When I first started considering the house extension, the natural thing was to visualise my home two years down the line. What do I want it look like after two years? The furniture, the colours, all of that jazz. Which brought me to the stairscase, which is in desperate need of ... I don't know, SOMETHING! It's more than just a case of adding a runner on it. A beautiful staircase (with steel rods as balustrade or glass) can be the focal point in your home, and ours... well ours just doesn't have that kind of wow factor at all. So this compilation of fabulous stairs is here to serve as an inspiration to you of course, but also to me. Because after all, Seasonsincolour is nothing if not my very own scrap book.

This contemporary staircase in Austin was designed by Dick Clark + Associates. A very sophisticated, yet casual elegance is crafted in the architecture and interiors of this residence that flows from exterior to interior and back outside. I love the use of iron rods which adds another architectural element and turns the stairs into the room highlight.

20 Contemporary staircases

20 Contemporary staircases, kitchen island

Wood and glass combine expertly, while creating storage space under the steps. I love the use of the space, which we are so used to boarding up. As seen in Houzz UK. This could potentially be a contender for our home.