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20+ Geometric Rugs for all budgets

Geometric rugs are having a little moment. It's their simple colour blocking patterns that we love and we use them to ground our living room schemes or add fun in bedrooms and hallways. Strictly speaking, geometric rugs are any rugs that display geometrical shapes (circles, squares, triangles) or have proportionate lines designed on them (if they are not proportionate, I would class them under abstract design). They are reminiscent of mid century decor and as such fit perfectly in our current homes where mid century sofas, display units and lounge chairs are often used.

Rudolph Schindler’s mid-century Roxy Roth Residence

BUDGET FRIENDLY (under £500)

Some of the most budget friendly rugs out there are without doubt flat weave rugs. HABITAT in the UK has a great collection of such rugs in different sizes and their latest collection includes a variety of geometric ones. They also offer hand tufted wool rugs.

Clockwise from top left: SUNRISE | SUN | TATE | RAYA | JAXSON | FORMA | GRID all HABITAT

Above: Multi-coloured wool hand-tufted pile rug from HABITAT. The colour of the sofa is echoed in the carpet. Pink and teal vases are added on the little display unit to further bring the scheme together.

Below: simple small area rug in this visualisation of a living room with leather sofas and wall moulding. The rug colours echo those in the prints on the wall.

Above: Eclectic kids room designed by KEMPER INTERIORS (Los Angeles) and photographed by Erika Bierman Photography using a classic triangles flatweave rug in muted colours taking cue from the colours in the prints on the walls.

Above: All THINK RUGS from La Redoute

Below: Modern Scandi rugs from ETSY, starting at £25

Below: Imperfect Interiors used a geometric rug in this Edwardian Double Fronted House.

Source: Photovision. For a similar wall colour try Dulux Marine Waters 50BB 08/171

IKEA's iconic STOCKHOLM rug in a London residence. Source: HOUZZ


Below: Amazing Rug Combi by Linie Design available on HEAL'S from £489. Its Nordic maker, Linie Design, is committed to sustainable design and is part of the worldwide Care and Fair scheme to support its weavers. Similarly, every rug is crafted using environmentally friendly fibres.Shown with a Matera sofa and a Noguchi coffee table.

Below: Silje Rug, by Linie Design. A beautifully hand-tufted rug, Silje features a timeless geometric Nordic pattern created using pure wool. From £499.

Below: Diamond Kilim Outdoor Rug Nude and Teal, by Gandia Blasco available on HEAL'S from £719.

Below: Featuring Eleanor Pritchard's trademark graphic pattern, the handwoven Purlin rug is inspired by London's architectural lines and looks at home in DESIGN SODA's living room. From £445 at Heal's.

Go Bold like Oliver Gay architecture and Design did in his scheme for this London Townhouse.

Below: muted grey and black on an area rug used in this high ceiling Nashville Residence designed by Bonadies Architect.


If of course you are looking for something that is not mass produced or specifically interested in high end/ designer styles, the following companies can help you spend less time on your search and more time walking on the area rug of your dreams.

Designers to look for

American Interior Designer Kelly Wearstler has designed some of the most exquisite rugs for The Rug Company, shown below.

Below: The living room of this apartment in Milan features a David/Nicolas for CC-Tapis rug. Photo Marie-Laure Dutel.

Key Shadow designed by Suzanne Sharp for The Rug Company (from £2,210, and with an 8010 week delivery time) is used in this open plan kitchen sitting area designed by PEEK Architecture + Design Ltd.

Above and below: Chiswick London based architectural design studio ZULUFISH added a geometric rug in this Rusholme Road project. Their inspiration was Modern British design, with a timeless feel. Their clients fell in love with the colourful Paul Smith rugs, so that set the tone for the rest of the scheme as they were able to pull out those colours in the furniture and accessories. The rug used here is the Carnival by Paul Smith, from £2791, The Rug Company.

Image: Kelly Wearstler runner, The Rug Company

Above: Domus Blush by Kelly Behun for The Rug Company, from £3,237. Taking its design cues from Manhattan, Domus Blush highlights the shapes and tones of the evening light which peeks through New York’s skyscrapers. The varying pile heights and sections of ribbed wool in this design are reflective of Behun’s comprehensive cosmopolitan point of view.

Above: Regalia by Vivienne Westwood, from£4,242

Above: P.A.N.E. Soie by CC Tapis, photo by Gianni Antoniali

Above: Visioni, designed by Patricia Urquiola for CC Tapis

Visioni rug, designed by Patricia Urquiola. Image courtesy of Grattan Court East

Prism Pastels Rectangle Rug by Sonya Winner, from £1,280


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