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20+ Geometric Rugs for all budgets

Geometric rugs are having a little moment. It's their simple colour blocking patterns that we love and we use them to ground our living room schemes or add fun in bedrooms and hallways. Strictly speaking, geometric rugs are any rugs that display geometrical shapes (circles, squares, triangles) or have proportionate lines designed on them (if they are not proportionate, I would class them under abstract design). They are reminiscent of mid century decor and as such fit perfectly in our current homes where mid century sofas, display units and lounge chairs are often used.

Rudolph Schindler’s mid-century Roxy Roth Residence

BUDGET FRIENDLY (under £500)

Some of the most budget friendly rugs out there are without doubt flat weave rugs. HABITAT in the UK has a great collection of such rugs in different sizes and their latest collection includes a variety of geometric ones. They also offer hand tufted wool rugs.

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