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Introducing: DEDAR, fabrics with Flair

From hand woven silks to velvet wool natte and graphic pattern to lively plains, the 2015 collection by fabric house Dedar is highly covetable.

Here's a pick of my favourites.


The jacquard pattern represents a heap of entangled ribbons whose three-dimensional effect is accentuated by a sophisticated matt/lustrous interplay on its surface.

Modern Illusion

The geometric motif is obtained by pressing down the jacquard velvet pile in different directions; in this way the fabric surface takes on colour contrasts of varying intensity, according to the way in which it catches the light and the angle from which it is observed. Fire-retardant, hardwearing and ideal for upholstery applications.


An elegant, dynamic geometric pattern. Colours draw inspiration from precious traditional Chinese silks.

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