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Just 99 - Lifestyle in Limited Edition

JUST99 was launched in late 2014 by husband and wife Carlo Piemonte and Marzena Ciesielka to provide an opportunity to those who are always looking to treat themselves or others with an exclusive product, but at a price that fits everyone’s budget. Each JUST99 edition is unique and strictly limited in pieces. The collections are made of no more and no less than only 99 pieces (hence the name), all numbered and certified, made in Italy by Just99's craftsmen. Designers, photographers and international graphic artists cooperate closely with the company on a daily basis in order to offer new, fresh ideas and products that can be a real representation of uniqueness. Once each edition is sold out, it will not be replicated.

In this instance we look at the beautiful side table ARCADE, designed by Sam Baron.


Sam Baron was inspired by the Palladian architecture and the romanticism of the arcades of Paris, which reflected in the slightly curved lines of the low table. In ARCADE he was aiming to enhance the communication characteristics of wood, the material he has been loyal to in most of his designer projects, as opposed to the minimalism of the plane. The style represents an unconditionally contemporary fusion of materials and traditiones.

The side table, handcrafted in Italy, celebrates in all its details the Italian manufacturing quality: the legs, as distinctive characteristic of the table, were obtained thanks to the flexion of one single piece of beech wood, elegantly bonded by a detail made of fine leather.

The BLANCHE edition is created from the desire to propose ARCADE also for the interior spaces with a minimalistic touch, accentuating the contrast between the wood in walnut finish and the whiteness of the matte surface. In the ARCADE GRISE edition, the grey lacquered top constitutes a charming contrast with the warmth of the wood colour, contributing to its modern and dynamic appearance. Due to its moderate size, it’s an ideal fit both for a living room area and as a bedroom night table.


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