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Online finds: Art & Prints on Tictail

Tictail is now taking off and its CEO has some grand plans to make it a "grown up" ETSY. Some of these products you may still be able to find on Etsy and it's true that many shop owners will continue displaying their products on both platforms. My focus being on design - even that of a website - means that I somehow find Tictail more appealing.

The shop-owners feel the same:

“As a designer you are picky about where you show your stuff and want it to be in the right environment,” says Brooklyn based leathers designer Timle, who has had a shop on Tictail for about two years. “At Tictail, I can create my own site and still be part of something bigger.”

There is an artful efficiency to Tictail.

James Soares

I will let you decide and would love to hear how your navigation experience has been so far if you are a buyer, or your selling experience if you run a shop on the platform.

Here's my Sunday wish list, feast your eyes on art prints!

Studio Lisa Bengtsson: Left, "Liljebergs Ornithoptera priamus", £14 for an A4 print, £22 for 30x40 and £36 for a 40x50 print | Right, "Liljebergs Garreta azureus", also in 3 sizes. Follow Studio Lisa Bengtsson here.

Jonna Fransson, Sweden: Left. "Wilderness" | Right, "Monstera" - Signed and numbered prints in limited edition on high quality uncoated paper. £38 for size 50 x 70 cm or £53 for 70x100. Follow Jonna here.

Lisa James: Geometric colourful prints - left, "Trigger 8", £60. The 'Trigger' series are a collection of nine prints that work well as a stand alone print or in combinations of between 2 or 9...a pick-a-mix!Limited edition of 25. Giclée print on 310gsm fine art paper. 20cm x 20cm | Right, "Intersect", £95, Limited edition of 25. Giclée print on 310gsm fine art paper. 37cm x 46cm. Follow Lisa James here.

Caixa de mistos (Spain): Photography by Ana Rello Impresión: Hanhemühle / Baritado Tamaño, 200 mm x 400 mm, copyright ©Ana Rello, Original Prints starting from 40€.

Buus Works (Denmark): Crossing, Gold/Brass 50x70. Printed with exclusive shiny gold/brass foil. Limited edition of 300.Each poster is hand numbered. £48

Follow Buus Works here.

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