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Colour combination: Orange and Pink (ethnic trend)

Notonthehighstreet searched the furthest reaches of the globe to bring the latest emerging trends from around the world right to your doorstep. Their eagle-eyed sellers have been busy designing, making and sourcing the best in global interiors using natural materials, authentic patterns and brilliant colour. It’s time to take your cultural nod up a notch and join them in adding some of these unique touches to your own home.


Introducing global influences into a room is all about finding the right balance of colour. A bold palette is key, but playing with unconventional colour combinations is even more important. Rather than looking at opposing colours, try pairing shades that are closer to one another on the colour wheel.

Orange and pink – while not obvious choices – are perfect colour matches. Inspired by sumptuous Indian fabrics, the combination of two bright, warm colours creates a fun and playful palette.

That being said, too many similar colours can create a lack of contrast. Be sure to introduce a supporting colour (along with black, white and grey) as an accent. We’ve found that gold, brassy tones lend themselves perfectly to an otherwise loud colour scheme.


Taking inspiration from around the globe means one thing: variety. Not limited to a single look, you really do have the world at your fingertips. Take advantage of the melange of textures, prints and materials available to you. Like a traveller returning from lands afar with trinkets and treasures, discover the best of their wanderlust collection.

Handmade in Kenya with a technique passed down from grandmother to granddaughter, each hand woven sisal basket is absolutely unique in design. From growing and harvesting the sisal, to rolling, dying and weaving the basket, the tradition is one supported and protected by The Basket Room. Use as a storage solution, or as we have here a pot cover for indoor plants.

Hailing from Marrakech and hand-loomed using an age-old technique, the wool from Bohemia’s handwoven pom pom cushions are hand-spun and dyed using their bespoke colour palette. The bright orange base combined with the hot pink detailing is a great way to introduce a splash of colour into a room without lifting a paint brush. Perfect as a floor cushion or scattered on a bed, pair with similar colours and bold patterns for impact.

Chunky stitch. Aztec pattern. V-shaped fringing. We’re in love. For the ultimate in bohemian art, think wall hangings. Once popular in 1970s California, colourful woven textiles are all the rage again. Made using a variety of yarn and natural roving, woven wall hangings are a great way to introduce geometric shapes and added texture to a room. Perfect as a stand alone piece or as part of a gallery wall.

Lighting is crucial in creating the right atmosphere. Using metallic or cut away lampshades is a great way to create interesting shadows and reflections on the walls.

The Arum Carved Stone Pendant by Rowen and Wren(£148) is hand carved in India, the intricate pattern of which radiates around the room to create an inviting and exotic space. The Brass Lamp Pendant (£64.95) is also perfect for catching the light at different angles and creating reflections.

Cotton Ball Lights


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