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Small business Friday with Daniel Heath

Another great KICSTARTER campaign, this time by award winning, independent wallpaper, textile and surface designer renowned for his illustrative and engaging designs, DANIEL HEATH. Based in Walthamstow in the heart of East London, the designer - maker has long held an interest in craftsmanship and sustainable design through up-cycling and re- appropriation of authentic heritage materials.

Trained in the traditional process of silk-screen printing at the Royal College of Art, he set up his studio in 2007 to make bespoke, hand printed wallpapers and crafted surfaces exclusively made to order. Drawing has always underpinned his surface pattern designs, and many have references to a time or a place to form playful narratives. Daniel has created designs and bespoke surface solutions for over 10 years for architects and interior designers.

So, what is the campaign all about?

Well, it takes a lot of time to screen print by hand and Daniel needs to charge for that time (makes sense to me). That makes his beautiful hand printed paper a little expensive (£250/roll to be exact). Daniel, however, would like more people to have his beautiful designs at home (I am one of those) so he needs to print it in a more affordable way. That means, not by hand. Daniel is not willing to compromise on delivering a great quality product so he has found a great British manufacturer who will be printing with a roller printer, which apparently (as I am no expert in wallpaper printing) gives a great result and quality. Daniel happy. Public happy. Maufacturer (I guess) happy. Great!

But hold on. Daniel's ethos, like an 11th commandment, mandates: Thou shalt not make waste while making awsome wallpaper! So Daniel decides to get orders in before he goes away to the manufacturer. And besides being brilliant at screen printing, Daniel is also great at googling, so he finds Kickstarter and creates his campaign. Double great!

What is in it for you, you may ask. Oh, this, you will like (I know, I pledged already).

A photo of a well scrubbed up and smiling Daniel!

Nah... not that. But I must admit there's a lot of effort there compared to the other binnie-hat-wearing-photos on his Instagram account!

So, rewards! You know how I said that these really well made wallpaper rolls cost a small fortune? Well, Daniel has you covered.

Instead of the £250/10m roll normal price, you can get the same 10m roll for an incredible price of £75. Amazing, yes? I know.

No, that's not all of it.

The wallpaper will be a limited edition - 100 rolls and that's it - print of the Victorian circus on paper HIGH WIRE!

There's more.

The wallpaper will be printed in gold!

Gold colour, not real gold!!! It's only £75 after all.

So if you have a project at home coming up and you want to make it into the pages of ELLE DECORATION, you need to get that Limited edition gold wallpaper on your wall!

Hold it.

In case you have not heard of KICKSTARTER before, the way it works is that the project owner sets a goal (£1,500 in this case), we PLEDGE in the project (no money leaves your account at this point) and if enough people are smart enough to get in on this amazing project right now and the target is achieved, only THEN is the project launched and we all get the wallpaper.

I want this wallpaper dear people. So click below and make some magic happen. The project closes in 28 days!

All photos from the Daniel Heath Pinterest account and website. You can follow his Pinterest boards here.

For his lovely Instagram account and the binnie-hat-wearing shots, look no further than here.

For his stockists, click here.

Daniel Heath is bringing his new wallpaper design Onyx Skyline, the next addition in the Perivale Design Collection series to DECOREX this September. The design is inspired by the rich history and opulence of London's hidden Art Deco architecture.The Onyx Skyline design is silk screen printed by hand with Daniel's signature style and skill for process. New colour ways include: Gold & Ebony Black, Putty & Ebony Black, Gold & Green and Gold & Teal. These limited edition wallpapers will be exclusively launched at this years Decorex International Exhibition, September 20th - 23rd at Syon Park, London. You will find him at stand D17.

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