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Inspiring Blogs - Lobster & Swan

The last couple of weeks have been total madness. In anticipation of the AMARA Interior Blog Awards 2015, and as my blog was shortlisted in the "Best Designed Blog" category, I was keen to find out more about what it takes to create a blog that has great appeal and which manages to get the message across in the best possible way. So I reached out to Jeska Hearne of Lobster & Swan who was the 2014 AMARA IBA winner in the "Best Designed Blog category". As well as running an award winning blog, Jeska and her husband Dean are also the force behind the new online shop sensation The Future Kept.

There is obviously a lot of literature out there about how to optimise your website and make it more appealing and user friendly but let's hear it from someone who put theory to practice and has an award to prove it as well! Some really great tips coming up! I am really greatful to Jeska for taking the time to answer my questions as she is such a busy lady!

Jeska Hearne