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The best 10+1 sofas for SS16

We spend a good proportion of our time sitting on our sofa, so it's a piece worth investing in (the other really important thing to invest in is your mattress, check my post about mattresses here). Whether you are looking for a long term investment or for something in-between (are you renting? No point buying something too expensive if you don't think you can carry the look in your next home!) here's my pick of the best sofas for all budgets and needs.

Some of the sofas are smaller in size but work hard to make every penny count. You can squeeze them in the smallest of spaces and some can even double up as dining seating because of their banquet style.

1/ My first pick for under £500 is this 50s style two seater in graphite grey by

What I love about this sofa: it has multiple uses. Because it's tall, you can easily place it in front of a radiator and hide all the ugliness. You can also use it instead of a bench at your dining table. Adding to that, cleaning under it will be super easy. You can combine it with the lounge chairs from the same range. And it is available in Biscuit beige too with fab piping. At £299, could you really do better?