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With under 100 days till Rio, it was about time we paid tribute to athletes and sponsors alike on interiors blogs as well. Athletes need sponsors and sponsors need athletes, it's a wonderful relationship that benefits both parties. And it is very exciting when besides the big athletics companies, interiors companies join in the fun!

Athletes spend hours upon hours intensively training for their craft especially now with this year’s Rio Olympics just around the corner. Away from their family and friends, they dedicate their time into pushing themselves to be the best that they can be to make the country proud. What do they need at the end of the day?

Laura hit the nail (or is that a stud?) on the head. Relaxation is an integral part of any athlete’s lifestyle as this is time when they can bond with their family and temporarily escape the pressures of competing. DFS knows the importance of relaxation better than anyone, and is now the official homeware partner for Team GB at this summer’s Olympics in Rio.

In honour of this, Philip Watkin