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It is all quite Plain actually - green in the kitchen

Every great company has a great story behind how it all started. For Plain English, the joinery company started by Katie Fontana and Tony Niblock in 1992, it was a matter of building a Suffolk longhouse for which Katie designed the kitchen cupboards after she was unable to find something that would properly fit her appliances. The kitchen appeared in Homes & Gardens and readers went crazy for it. Said kitchen was turned into a showroom and cupboard selling begun. Plain, no?

While the Plain English design appears to be routed in "traditional" Georgian kitchens - think really long tables where the cook and helpers would prepare glorious feasts - the colours and ironmongery used make the Plain English designs contemporary with a twist. Drawers run on old-fashioned, wooden runners; cupboard doors are hung on traditional butt hinges. You are limited only by your imagination when it comes to the paint and ironmongery colour and style.

The debate


Around our home we have a debate lately about Baxter sofas. Both husband and I love the quality and style but the sofas come with a certain price tag. Surely, I conclude every time, if we get a £14k sofa we should have a £60k kitchen as well? I am met with silence.