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Make your property feel homely!

I was recently reading an article about 4 friends who decided to buy a property between them, as individually they did not feel they could get on the property ladder. They went for a shared ownership property and entered the property ladder waaaaay ahead of their friends who had to wait much longer to buy on their own. But with little left over to make any purchases of "investment pieces" after they moved in, the friends used their creativity to turn their new 4-bed property into a home for all. Renting times were behind them. The beauty of shared ownership living is that everyone brings a bit of themselves into the decorating, with second-hand finds and hand-me-downs being the décor of choice.

Shared Ownership is making it easier for first time buyers to finally own a place in London. No more renting means it’s up to you how your new home looks and you can put those DIY and interior design skills into practice at last. I am very excited to be working with a leading provider of shared ownership, L&Q, on this feature, about ideas on how to make a house a home - affordable ideas that everyone can get on board with.

So here are a few handy tips to consider to make sure you turn your new property into into a homely place effortlessly and without spending too much. Be sure to check with everyone you're sharing with, especially before transforming the common spaces, to ensure that the result is considering everyone needs and likes.