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5 Colour Palettes that Can Bring a Space to Life

Improve the ambience of your interior by decorating with a fitting colour. Read this advice from Callender Howorth on the best colours of the various spaces.

The importance of a good colour scheme in your home or business cannot be emphasised enough. The right colour palette can have a transformative effect on your surroundings, altering the mood and the perceived temperature, along with enhancing feelings of well-being. It can also help create the illusion of space by illuminating dark areas or, conversely, it can transform a large, soulless room into an intimate and cosy sanctuary.

The psychology of colour may seem straightforward, but luxury interior designers can help you clarify the nuances of certain palettes. There are five colour schemes that always work well depending on the setting: red, blue, green, purple and neutral.



Colours have an amazing ability to influence your emotions and none more so than red. It is a colour of strong desires and certainly makes a statement. Red is happy and stimulating, which makes it good to use in a commercial space but not ideal for a bedroom. If you want to add the energy and drama of red to your house it would be a wonderful choice for the dining or living room where people gather and entertain.