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Tictail Finds

Not sure if you have come across TICTAIL yet? It is an online Marketplace that bets high on beautiful design and imagery, something that, let's be honest, ETSY is RARELY achieving. TICTAIL which is a Swedish start-up, which managed to gather some very impressive investor funding early on. I started following the action on TICTAIL some time ago, when it was launched as a "turbo-charged" ETSY marketplace (in my view anyway). Independent sellers (some of who also maintain shops on ETSY) provide inspiring and unique products that you will not find on the high street.

“Commoditized goodS are on Amazon, gadgets on eBay, and handmade goods on Etsy,” says Tictail’s cofounder and chief executive Carl Waldekranz, when asked about his competition. He adds that the brands on Tictail have “graduated from the kitchen table.” So let's see what's available on TICTAIL.



Rachel Stewart's bold prints and wooden necklaces and earrings are eye catching. The photo below looks like it's from Elle! Rachel lost her job about 5 years ago and with extra time on her hands she started a fashion blog. In the meanwhile she had to figure out a way to make some money so started designing earrings and put them on her blog and it grew really fast from there.

The Minimalist


Full of vim and vigor, this Taiwan based design house - Esaila - was founded by designer Kenyon Yeh. It has introduced a collection of contemporary minimalist designs consisting of furniture, light fittings and other accessories. I personally love the side tables shown here.

The Mid-century


Based in Stockholm, Modernisten is an online store dedicated to vintage Scandinavian design from the 20th century including top quality furniture, lighting, jewelry, arts and crafts. My best finds so far have been the candle holders on the left and the floor lamp on the right, but there's plenty more to explore!

One for the boys


Show off your bike, or just store it inside your flat with this handy wall hanger by Woodstick Ltd. At £166 it is a bit pricey but to be honest I have looked around the online shops and could not find something stylish for inside the house. Of course, there are cheaper options out there if you are only looking to store your bike in the garage and you don't need something fancy.

The naturalist


Hrefna Birgisdóttir is an artist from Iceland living in and creating art from Stockholm, Sweden. Original drawings are hand painted with aquarelle on 300 gram of uncoated watercolor paper. A portion of the prints are limited editions and are signed and numbered on 300 grams of uncoated paper and each motive is limited to 50 copies. Oh, and a reminder: Scandi style is re-invented and there's more colour added, so this is the perfect opportunity to add some to monochrome interiors!

Almost poetic


Margaux Keller created her own design studio in 2011. In 2015, she decided to start a new challenge: a collection of special products for home, sold direclty on her new e-shop. This collection is settle, elegant and poetical. The products are all made in Europe by craftmen that Margaux Keller has carefully selected to work with. These objects will be available only for a short period as limited limited edition. She takes great photos too!

The Iconic


The iconic Ögon Cacao one eye poster was designed by the well-known Swedish illustrator Olle Eksell in 1956. The famous eyes of cacao was part of Sweden's first design program that Olle designed for the company Mazetti. Since then, the poster has become a real design classic. The one shown below is a limited edition in gold but you will also find it in a classic black and white as well as in red or green.

The Scandi


Designfirman Gamla Stan is a Swedish concept store with unique home decor and accessories mostly from Sweden and Denmark. The concrete and brass lamp below and the vase are two of my favourite pieces although they also offer stunning furniture!

Home Decor


Besides having a variety of young fashion designers on board, TICTAIL also has a number of stores specifically for the home. Rosenhof Art Factory is a Interior design & fashion brand based in Stockholm, Sweden and founded by designer Viktoria Hamberger in 2012. Rosenhof Art Factory’s ambition is to create modern textile collections for homes where the bold and playful mix and match. Today the brand spans from residential and commercial interior design to collections of furniture, lighting, rugs, fabrics, decorative home accessories, luxe wrap dresses and skateboards.

I love this tray table below in a zig-zag colour. All trays are produced in Sweden in a traditional way, in birch veneer built up of many layers, which you can see when looking at the tray’s edges.

The Photographer


No good curated collection is complete without some artsy photos, and so Carolina Mizrahi completes my collection with 'Avatar 01'.

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