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DESIGN + TRAVEL: Hotel Bachaumont, Hotel Vernet

I love Paris, don't you ? I love it even when driving back to Calais we got stopped for speeding (it was Easter Sunday, no one was about!) and our car impounded. No seriously, this HAS happened. It's surprising how when you are asked whether you speak French, you answer "a little" but when the guy from the Gendarmerie (who happens to be the Chief or whatever of the local station too) tells you you have to pay an 800 Euro fine, your French comes pouring out in a diarrhoea of excuses. Yes, this has happened, and no, we were not sparred the fine because it was Easter Sunday... But that is another story altogether.

When in Paris, do everything in style. For us, the time lounging around Hotel Costes is in the past (we did that in our late 20s) so now we like something a bit more sophisticated, mature. Hence, we go Art Deco.

Hotel Bachaumont


Entirely designed by Dorothée Meilichzon – the designer behind cocktail-focused Grand Pigalle Hotel - the 49-room Bachaumont opened in September 2015 and is a sleek mix of contemporary Parisian flair and Art Deco. The building started its journey as a clinic and then a trendy hotel. It is located in the heart of the city and within walking distance from Notre Dame and the Louvre, both of which can be reached on foot in 20 minutes.

Inviting couches set the scene around the bar while the restaurant is full of gorgeous looking dining chairs and people. The mod furniture is covered in fabric by Pierre Frey. The vibe is really good around this hotel. And if you want to head out, you will find a number of old fashioned boulangeries (bakeries) and tea houses.