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Go green - and you don't even have to recycle!

Green Sofa Green interiors

I hope you are not expecting me to lecture you about the benefits of recycling! I am all for it (and even considering trying the OLIO app - a.k.a. the food sharing revolution!) but this is an interiors website so prepare to be swooned over by some pretty powerful greens: The greens of lush velvet sofas, the amazonian greens in wallpapers to blow you and your friends AWAY and much much more!

The psychology of green


Back in 2013 when Pantone announced that emerald green was their colour of the year, colour psychology expert Karen Haller gave a sigh of relief. Not being one to follow by short-lived trends, Karen's advice is to make sure you use colours only if they resonate with you. In other words, YOU are going to live in your home, so before you go and start painting walls green, make sure the tone and even the colour feels right to YOU. Karen's tip: if you are using greens with blue undertones in a room that receives little natural light it may make the room feel even colder.