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10 times we dined with a Ghost

I am not a fan of the paranormal - in fact nothing scares me more than it, if you believe in such stuff that is - so don't expect me to start telling stories about dining with an actual ghost. If you do, you're probably on the wrong blog or I have taken a wrong turn somewhere. Today's post is about a chair that is so genius in its design and so multifunctional, a chair that has been hailed as one of the iconic designs of the 21st century. Officially launched in 2002 and designed by no other than Phillippe Starck, the Louis Ghost chair is instantly recognisable and oh so familiar.

At the time when the Ghost chair came out, polycarbonate chairs where already starting to roll out on the scene. Based on La Marie (Starck, 2000), the Louis Ghost takes the traditional French Louis and becomes an airy projection of it, its shadow, its ghost.

The chair is shock profound resistant to atmospheric agents, and it's meant to last, unlike its wooden cousin, although I am not trying to take away anything from the beautiful carvings that original Louis chairs have to offer and which the Cartel version can simply not match.

A minimalistic version of a chair that is full of personality, the Louis Ghost chair can lift any interior and used in rustic as well as traditional settings to give a modern twist. And from that design we also have the armchair version, as well as the kids version (the LOULOU) and the even more minimal VICTORIA.

In presenting it, Philippe Starck described his new project in these terms: “Actually, the Louis Ghost chair designed itself. It is a ‘Louis something’, a sort of ghost, a reflection, the shadow of a chair in a style that I have called Louis Ghost, the ghost of Louis”.

“You are not sure exactly what it is but everyone recognises it and sees it as something familiar", continues Starck. "It’s here when you want to see it and you can blend it in if you want to be discreet. It is half disappearing, dematerialising. Like all the production of our civilisation.”

Louis Ghost has become a Kartell best-seller and on its own right, an icon. It is because of this chair that Cartel is considered a world leader in the production of “transparent design furnishings”.

This chair will feel right at home in an eclectic dining room as well as in your home office. In fact, it's been photographed by bloggers world wide as THE go to chic home office chair, especially when dressed up with some sheepskin!

Image Credits: Dustin Halleck | ​Glitter Guide | Decoradora | Glitter Guide | Danielle Moss | Emilia Jane Photography | Pinterest | Planete Deco | | Styleyoursenses | Stadshem




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