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A designer's home in neutrals with splashes of green

The truth is, I did not expect Marc Jacobs' home to look like this. From the tattoo loving designer (he's even got one that reads "shameless" over his heart) who posed almost naked for Louis Vuitton campaigns, dated a former pornstar and doesn't mind wearing kilts, yes that Marc Jacobs, I kind of expected more. More colour, more extravagance, more 'grunge' even, more everything really. Maybe neon, maybe in your face offensive art or photos of semi-naked models in supersize canvases. Well, anything but this.

Don't get me wrong, I like this grown-up place, but maybe it is too grown up. Drenched in antique and vintage pieces which you would normally need a lifetime to collect (apparently Jacobs is an avid collector), I feel that everything is too staged. Too... sensible even. The whole theme feels like going against the image that Jacobs has carefully built up over the years.

Location: Greenwich village

Designers involved: Paul Fortune, John Gachot, and Thad Hayes .


See the references on most furniture used on Architectural Digest.

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