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Greek luxury resorts are rarely gigantic in size but what they lack in size they make up in location and service. Can a resort really be THAT great when it does not have direct access to the beach or faces the wrong way (aka no sunsets)? Rarely. So queue in the boutique Mykonos Blu, the first 5 star hotel on Island of Winds (hence the post title), Mykonos, in Greece.

The island of Mykonos

Mykonos. This is the place where, for decades, anywhere who wanted to be someone visited, and anyone who was/is someone has a summer home. A favourite of the paparazzi, the island draws masses of famous actors, tv stars, singers and politicians and most of its beaches are overcrowded, over-priced and somehow over-familiar.

Everything on the island screams luxury. You can have your lunch by the sea in designer restaurants where giant fans gently emit mist to cool you down. MIST. It's like having an Evian spray on overdrive. Perfect for your sun-dried hair. So, thinking azure waters and blue skies? Mykonos can deliver the goods, I promise. Along with great views of the yachts of the rich and famous.

Myconian Identity

The hotel has the prefect location, perched above the private beach of Psarou, which is a bay of turquoise waters. True to its Myconian identity, the Mykonos Blu follows local architecture with white washed cubic buildings that resemble sugar cubes, use of local stone, and featuring hand carved light fixtures, stone carved ottomans and polished stone showers.

MD of Grecotel Mari Daskalantonaki's thought is that a hotel should be an "experience" and reflect the destination in which it is found. Well I think that Mykonos Blu both complements its surroundings and offers guests a true taste of living on a greek island.

The rooms are tastefully but minimally decorated which makes perfect sense. They feel light and airy. You may find hand knitted/stitched - glorious really - bedlinen in there but there's a modern twist in everything, like little splashes of colour with the giant versions of the Evil Eye talismans (seen below) which are meant to guard you against the evil eye - a spell of misfortune. You can find smaller versions around the island.

The view is breathtaking. It feels like you wake up in the middle of the sea. Mykonos, you should remember, lacks mountains and is generally so windy around the winter months that nothing seems to grow. The seeds just fly away. It's a barren place so your attention is always drawn towards the sea. And of that, there's plenty.






Service & food

The service is exceptional. The breakfast divine. But if you want to try something different, just head to Nammos, on the beach below the hotel. This restaurant caters for every taste.

For Crystal on the beach to ferrying yachts owners to their boats, to serving fresh fish and delicious deserts. Life around here is good. Don't be surprised to see Roberto Cavalli or Tom Hanks eating next to you. I'd be surprised if you didn't see someone well known !



Don't forget to visit

Little Venice (1) is in the Chora (capital) of Mykonos, where you will find yourself exploring through narrow stone paved streets (2) laden with boutiques and independent shops. Best time to visit the capital is around 8pm when the sun is going down and night life is just waking up. Close to the hotel you will find the amazing NAMMOS (4) where all the celebrities (and the non celebrities like yours truly) eat their fish and watch those who did manage to be beach body ready. If you get bored of the beach, remember to visit Cine Manto (3) the open air cinema. Seriously, the Greek experience of an open air cinema is different, believe me.

If you're staying for at least a week, do consider island hoping for a day. Delos and Santorini are nearby and both will also leave a print on your memory forever.

So go on and #createdreams.


To find out more, visit the Grecotel Mykonos Blu or to go straight to booking, you can use which is where I do all my booking, here. Follow GRECOTELS on Twitter and Instagram or Facebook. All photos © GRECOTEL

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