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Books that inspire rooms

For today's post I have taken my inspiration from this famous writer we celebrated this week - and I am sure you will immediately recognise who I am talking about! So all the interiors you will see below are linked back to a book of his. I'll number them and would love to see how many you get right! Good luck!


'Home again swiftly I glide,

Back to my beautiful bride.

She'll not feel so rotten

As soon as she's gotten

Some cider insider her inside'.

In this photo, mid-century furniture like the side table to the left, the Norman Cherner chair and the mirror are supported by colours that are sympathetic to this era: orange and light blue. The wallpaper and duvet set are both from Scion.

Photo credit: Scion


'I have secret plans and clever tricks.'

'You mean you've nasty plans and nasty tricks.

You've never done a nice thing in your life.'

Undoubtedly busy, this room could well be in a hotel or restaurant. Oh, actually it is! It is Leo's Oyster Bar, serving up a culinary storm in San Franscisco, as well as getting the interiors world talking after being featured in July's Architectural Digest.

The double height ceilings add drama and the wallpaper seems to be coming alive as the plants flood into the room and get replicated through clever use of mirrors. The black & white tiles placed diagonally is just a stroke of genius. Jungle fever is leaving me breathless. But something is lurking in the shadows. Wait, is that a...?

Photo credit above: The Fascinator for Architectural Digest; below: Leo's Bar via Instagram

For similar walls try the Lara Costafreda - Jungle wallpaper £45, PaperMoon; The chairs used are probably the white Thonet bentwood chairs with natural timber socks. The mirror below is from Out There Interiors.


'This smelly brat, this filthy scum

This horrid little louse

Vill very soon become

A lovely little MOUSE!'

Oh, the main characters of this books are usually found cooking up something. Usually not nice. But I bet they would give a frog-leg to have kitchen like this. That is, if they cannot magic one already...

Photo credit: deVOL kitchens


'Agatha, this is Magnus.

It is Magnus

And you'd better believe it.

Agatha, give my Jenny back her house

if you don't, I will come and get you

like you got me.

I am watching you Agatha.'

This book has to do with a school and school means homework and homework means you need an office to do your work in. So the room I chose is a fantastical home office full of colour and with the right amount of storage!

Photo credit: Laura Hull for Burnham Design

So there you have it, four beautiful rooms for a little morning inspiration. Did you get the writer and the books? Well if you liked this post you might also like...

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