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Farrow & Ball - Wallpapers 2016 ARCADE

This post could well be all about bringing a touch of the 40s in your home, as this is the era behind Farrow & Ball's latest wallpaper collection, launched earlier this month.

Before we dive into the collection, let's reflect on that decade for a moment. WWII lasted between 1939 and 1945, so most of the 40s were spent without much thinking of design or innovation. It was all about survival and making do with what was already available - there was a general shortage in materials including colour after all. One colour that was in abundance, was military green! Most european designers had also fled to the US at the time, so pretty much everything was at a standstill.

After the War, the Modernist movement - which was all about purity of form - gained in popularity. But this was a design movement based on lack of ornaments and embellishments. All the above resulted in toning down interior decor and Farrow and Ball capture the sentiment in their latest collection.

Farrow & Ball


2016 Wallpaper Collection