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Colourful textiles for neutral rooms

This week with Decorex being in full swing, I thought it would be great to talk about introducing colour in your home through textiles. For some people, adding any colour on the wall other than the very obvious white/beige does not come naturally and for those who are brave enough to embrace something more adventurous than taupe, there's the challenge of which one of the hundreds of hues of the same colour to use.

The solution is easy: use textiles to introduce colour into a scheme. And this is a great option if, like me, you like to change your interiors often. Then you will only need to make minor decorative adjustments as opposed to going into the trouble of removing wallpaper or painting whole walls (and what if you have painted the coving, architrave and doors too!).

I have picked up some great trends for the coming season and cannot wait to share these with you. This post is for those who want a very neutral colour on the wall but are not afraid to add colour through textiles.



Fear not, for it is not THAT kind of lesson. Use geometric shapes in colourful combinations in an otherwise neutral decor to infuse colour to taste. The dotty carpet below is from Alternative Flooring and is called Quirky Spotty Damson. And it is. Quirky. Dotty. And damson. Obviously. Combine it with Dittany from Paint By Conran. The carpet comes in a 4m width so it is perfect to cover an entire room (£95.70 sqm).

Photo Alternative Flooring

Another favourite from Alternative Flooring is this cuboid pattern called Quirky B Cube Talman. What I like the most is the colour combination of two primary colours, red and blue. It's dynamite. Use is a room that has been painted bright white for a crisp contrast and accessorise as here with white side tables (like this Tulip side table). £102.95 sqm.

Photo Alternative Flooring



Charlotte Gaisford is a great textiles designer/maker who's also very very friendly and on my radar for some time. Her latest collection is called 1751. What was in this name? Well apparently a great rivalry between French and British textile designers was going on in the 1750s and many of the designs in Charlotte's collection were inspired by a book of French silk samples confiscated by British customs, several centuries ago, for being sold illegally in the UK.

That would have made a fab episode of 'Border Control'. Who knows, as we head towards the Exodus (Brexit) we might have a repeat!

Anyway, the point is, florals are cool and her florals specifically are some of my favourite. Tip: piping! Charlotte has taken green fabrics and added fuchsia piping making her cushions extra modern and appealing. Try the same on cushions, upholstery or on your curtains!

In this photo: Middle is Lady in Waiting PG and outer is Magic Flowers B. All £38pm. Individual photos from

Use these fabrics in a room painted in Zoffany's "Linen Quarter" for a sophisticated look. It's a very soft beige colour.



If florals are not your thing but you still want something colourful to brighten up a room that's turning a bit to white-y, try injecting colour with furniture that has been lovingly re-upholstered with something modern: digitally painted fabrics! The beauty below is the Marchena Vintage Chair in Fierce Beauty Velvet from GALAPAGOS DESIGNS. The fabrics below are designed by Parris Wakefield.

Photos: Parris Wakefield



Have you heard of charity working with inmates FINE CELL WORK? I hadn't, not until DECOREX. They train prisoners to do high quality, paid, creative needlework in their cells, and textiles training in prison workshops to foster hope, discipline and confidence.

Their work has even been commissioned by KIT KEMP. They make exceptional (and not cheap) quilts and their patterns could turn your neutral bedroom into something extra special.

Use these fabrics in a bedroom painted in Farrow & Ball's "Shadow White" and combine with crisp white linen.



Award winning A RUM FELLOW (read more about them here) is a business set up on 3 principles: Design, Quality and Integrity. They design, produce and source pieces with a timeless aesthetic (and check out how their products have been used by KIT KEMP and JO BERRYMAN here. Use Farrow & Ball Slipper Satin on the walls with their current collection in pink and red hues.



Similarly if you want to nail the tribal trend but wish for some colour as opposed to the usual black/white/brown colours of this style, go for the fabulous pinks and greens in EVA SONAIKE's latest collection. Her luxurious textiles are infused with a West African aesthetic and have been featured many times over in the national press, including in my favourite LIVING Etc. They would give any neutral interior a serious lift!

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