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The soundtrack to my life

Music plays a big part in my life, it always had. No, don't worry I am not an Xfactor wannabe, but boy do I know most songs by heart. There's music when I drive; when I write; when I paint (walls, obviously) and on the train (discreetly). I pay attention to music on TV ads (Django Django's "Default", the song on Google's new PIXEL phone is top on my Playlist right now) and hum it over and over again while doing my shopping.

Django Django's "Default" is one of my favourite songs. For the time being!

My taste in music is as eclectic as my taste in interiors. Just scroll further down to check out what I am currently playing on my phone. I am sure it's not going to be to everyone's taste but it includes everything from Christine & the Queens' Tilted to AC/DC's Thunderstruck, to Calvin Harris' My Way (and - because I have a 7y old - I also throw in a bit of Little Mix just for good measure).

The VQ HEPBURN Speaker with DAB+ AND FM

Ahead of Halloween I started looking for a Bluetooth speaker so I could play creepy sounds around the house entrance when everyone came to Trick or Treat. I know, I am terrible! But everyone loved it in the end! The size of most speakers was awful - most of them so small and with little power. Such bad value for money.

So it was just the PERFECT timing when VQ came to me to ask if I wanted to test one of their products. VQ is a British owned and managed business. They take their inspiration from the fusion of iconic British sound and style. And all their DAB+ radios and Bluetooth speakers are born in Britain with British designers and high quality British components.

Now, if you visit their website you will understand exactly what attracted me to them. Every product shown comes with a different colour mood board, it's so inspirational and totally up my street - after all I am all about COLOUR. And their Insta account is definitely own to follow (here).

Jumping at the chance to get one of their beautifully designed radios, I went for something really classic - I know! I should have gone for PINK! Or BLUE! But no, I went for a goes-with-everything - Christie Radio in Walnut Veneer. Although it was out of stock online, the nice people at VQ managed to send me exactly what I asked for, and pretty quickly too!

The Christie Radio has such a retro look. The packaging includes styrofoam that supports the radio in place while in transit. Also included was a rechargeable battery so you can go completely wireless (with up to 36 hours of battery in standby).

Setting up the radio is done with ease (handy instructions book is included but you can pair your phone simply by switching to the Bluetooth function - the radio does the rest).

Because, ok, I haven't yet posted any photos of my AMARA award in my office, and this was just the opportunity... So shoot me.

Once connected to your phone, you can just play any song and will hear it on the radio. And as for the volume, you can control that from your phone too and from a great distance too. Perfect if you want to turn the volume up or down for a special occasion. I tested that by turning the volume on from around 15m away (speakers in the shed, while I was in the house).

The walnut veneer on the side of my Christie Radio is awesome.

So inspiring and easy to use is this little firecracker that I even made a video about it. I was in such a good mood until a few minutes ago when I got YOUTUBE's horrid email telling me my video had been muted because "copyright material" had been spotted in it.

I so wanted to share with you a perfect video showcasing how I could connect my new VQ to my iPhone and play songs on it via Bluetooth but alas, somewhere along the way, one of the songs I used (for like 5 seconds) was IP protected and thus the whole audio of my video was muted.

Well that's copyright to you.

VQ have so many styles and colours to choose from, I am certain you will find exactly what you're looking for on their website, so what are you waiting for! So click on the photo below and get shopping.

Unless you want...



>>> FREE RADIO anyone? <<<

totes amaze giveaway


Ok, so I am giving AWAY this amazing VQ Christie DAB Radio to one lucky reader. All you have to do is click the photo below and go straight into the giveaway widget and gain as many entries as you can. There are daily entries too, and the more you have the more chances this will become yours!

But even if you don't win, you can still BUY this amazing radio (or any of the above styles) directly on the website right here.

UPDATE: The winner of the VQ Radio is Nastya L., from Birmingham!

Congrats and hope you enjoy your new radio!

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