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The 10 best round mirrors on eBAY!

Round mirrors

Ebay is forever an app on my phone and just like Amazon, if I cannot find it elsewhere, I will on Ebay. Today's post is a special edit on mirrors, and specifically, eclectic mostly round mirrors, with which I am utterly obsessed. It just seems that square or rectangular mirrors will never be as good as round ones. so take your pick!

Scalloped round mirror


The Claremont Organic Flowering Gold X Large Round Wall Mirror has a whooping 40" diameter (102cm) making it a proper statement mirror for a dining room. Because the actual mirror is small, I would not use this in a hallway where you need a bigger mirrored surface to check yourself out.

It is made of wood composite painted gold and is ready to hang. It comes with a free exchange or return for refund 30 days return policy. And the seller enjoys a 99.5% positive feedback rate from 2k+ customers.

Round mirror

Round mirror

Wrakes Round Mirror, Gold


Another one which is a firm favourite at the moment is this circles round mirror from the same seller. At 46' diameter (118cm) this is another mirror that will sure leave an impression to you and your guests. The Wrakes Round Mirror includes free shipping in the UK and the same 30 day like it or return policy. It is selling for £239.

Round mirror gold

Moroccan Inspired


The Marrakech is a large mirror that has Moroccan inspiration and has a diameter of 36' (91 cm). At £249 it is slightly more expensive but you get a larger mirrored surface, which makes this ideal for hallways. perfect to bounce light around the room as well as add a touch of glamour. This is a metal framed mirror with a unique overlapping elliptical design. At 12.5kg it will require the appropriate support.

Round mirror gold



The Hoops mirror below has a 3D effect that will become a talking point. It has an 88cm diameter while the glass opening is 48cm diameter. How about over the fireplace

Round mirror gold

The Sunflower


Antique style mirror in the shape of a sunflower. You can click and collect this from Argos too. It is only £112.50 which is excellent value for its size (90cm diameter).

Round mirror gold

The Smart Frenchy


The Bowden Round Aged Bronze Wall Mirror has a distressed bronze finish and has french influences with the sunburst design. 36' (91cm) diameter and is on for £159 plus free delivery.

Blow Mirror


This lovely round antique gold sunburst mirror features an antique gold rolled metal frame and bevilled glass. You can buy it here for £170 with express delivery. It is slightly smaller at 80cm diameter.

Round mirror gold

Spikey Mirror


Here is an antique gold sunburst convex mirror featuring a large spike with webbed detail frame. This mirror will be a really decorative asset to any room. I would team it up with a sideboard as the mirrored surface is too small for anything other than decoration.

The flute Mirror


This is one unusual mirror and this is why it is included in my edit. It has a 72cm diameter (the glass is only 30cm) so it is cheaper, at £145. You can get this mirror here. The mirror is supplied with it's own fixings, but no wall fixings. When hanging the mirror, it is essential to use wall fittings that take into consideration the type of wall and weight of mirror to be hung. It is always wise to use two fixing points, and the two hooks, rather than one.

The Plain one


I think I kept the best for last? Well it depends if you are a minimalist or a maximalist! At 33' the Greystoke is one big round mirror and has a bronze frame too. And at £125 it is probably the cheapest I could find for this size.

Plain Round mirror bronze

So there you have it, 10 of Ebay's best mirrors. Which one is your favourite? Have a link to a good one? share it below!

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