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Decorate your home, David Hockney style!

This month David Hockney's most iconic works are coming to Tate Britain, so grab your tickets and go down to see the works up close (I am heading there this Friday! Cannot wait!). Like many who love art in its many forms, I surely enjoy Hockney's simplified way of drawing and love his 60s and 70s drawings as much as his more recent work ("82 portraits and 1 still life").

Could you have a home that is decorated in a "David Hockney" style? Potentially yes, but it would take a lot of courage to inject so much colour, especially in homes with smaller rooms. You could however use colours from his paintings to create a scheme within your home - just with accessories.



Above: taking inspiration from this David Hockney painting, colourful products from A Splash of Colour can be used in combinations: light blue and yellow, light and dark blue, dark blue and yellow. Use a light blue like St Giles Blue from Farrow & Ball on the wall and add a yellow sofa from