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5 Ways to work the round trend in your bathroom!

For those of you who have not picked up on the fact that we are moving towards two bathroom renovations in a couple months here at Seasons HQ, be warned! There will be plenty of bathroom eye candy over multiple posts in the coming weeks, as I will seek to inspire you as well as motivate myself about the whole process.

What's the plan? My beloved home office will soon be turned into a new family bathroom. And our current family bathroom and ensuite will be joined up to make space for a proper (larger) ensuite. So, obviously, I am spending more time browsing tiles and shower enclosures and bathtubs and playing with ideas on design, but this area is all new to me.

For example, I had no idea that you need a wall hung frame for a wall hung toilet seat. It's obvious you would need one, but I had not thought of it. You can therefore understand how stressed I am about the whole thing. Happy days. The good thing is that as I was researching bathrooms, I came across a great trend which I will share with you: Everything round in bathrooms!

1/ Round Mirrors


I personally love the idea of a round mirror (90-100cm) but obviously if you are thinking of getting one, know that they are not usually bathroom specific which means that you will