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New York Guide | Traveling with kids

Being, you know, foreigners (well not sure for how much longer, we're set to get our British passports this year) we travel very often, mostly back to sunny Greece to visit our family. We want to of course but also, WE HAVE TOO. Have you ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Well, even though my mom looks nothing like Nia Vardalos' mom in the movie, she nags me. Just. As. Much. Mostly about not seeing them too often. 'Often' has a different definition in her dictionary than mine by the way. Here are some typical comments I get on the phone.

"I want to see my grandson."

Me: "I can accept that, but I only have 25 days of holidays, you are retired and not sick, so why not come over to London more often? I'll even pay your tickets."

"My grandson needs to see some sun. There's no sun in the UK."

Me: "Fair enough, cannot argue with that. However, when I send him to you (August) there's always plenty of sun in the UK too."

"You know how often your sister and I talk on the phone?"

Me: "I do. But you see each other EVERY DAY, why do you also have to talk over the phone?"

(*very dramatic here) "I could die and you wouldn't even notice."

Me: "I'm sure you'd come over and haunt me about it, trust me I will, but can we please not talk about anyone dying?"

"You've written us off completely."

Me: "No I have not, it's you threatening to write me off because I cannot visit you more often."

This could be me, listening to mom. Urghhhh.