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A Scandi home in Green and White

Most of the bloggers I know have an absolute love about interiors and their personal spaces, as they often feature on their blogs, even when they don't write about interiors. Mine included. Obviously. I was looking on instagram the other day to get some of my inspiration for a post when I bumped into this dreamy space of Swedish Hannas Änglar. A relaxed space with accents of green and lots of white, this is a space that is perfect for her family of 5 (plus one gorgeous cat).

Hannas' personal style is very achievable. That's always a great start: to see a room and know that you can easily replicate the style. The colours are drawn from nature: from minty to dark forest green and various shades of pink. And all in a white background.

In the main living room (where is the TV?! In awe) the green metro tiled fireplace dominates a corner and the coffee table is reminiscent of Jonathan Adler's one - you will see various JA products scattered around this home, which shows that Hannas must also like a bit of American Glamour!

Try using linen covers on your sofa for a similar look. The Isaac sofa by would be an ideal alternative: it is relaxed and covered in washed linen. My favourite colours are lake rustic linen, shell brushed linen cotton and taupe.

In the dining room, old and new coexist in total harmony. The antique dining table is matched with 6 "Beetle" chairs by GamFratesi for Gubi. The decor is otherwise minimal, and the room is washed in light. The chairs do not take centre stage, they don't fight for attention. They green coloured fabric brings the outdoors in.

I am glad that the home owner has embraced her surroundings and location of the home and did not end up trying to impose a style that would look out of place. By introducing a few key pieces of design throughout the rooms, she is still making a statement without making the result feel forced.

Scandi style home dining room Beetle GamFratesi

Scandi style home

In the entrance, William Morris wallpaper creates an accent wall - in green of course. Only a small space has been papered, so the result is as if you have a painting on either side of the door. The woodwork remains bright white.

Scandi style home

Scandi style home

The area next to the piano is also framed by two Beetle chairs. Just look at the black and white pattern created by the keys and the green on the chairs. Dreamy. And talking of dreamy, the master bedroom is on the top of the house, in the loft. The pink door you see below is actually a curtain/ fabric that creates the illusion of space/ depth.

Loft conversion romantic bedroom in pink

Scandi style minimalistic bedroom

The skylights in the room bring in more light and make the room feel wider as the roof has quite the angle to it. The original beams are still visible and have been used to decorate the room, either with string lights during the Winter or flowers in the Spring and Summer.

Scandi Style Bedroom

Scandi style bedroom

Romantic bedroom in Scandi style and blue

Romantic bedroom in blue bed linen

The room is a mix and match of classic and contemporary. The linen bedsheets are great for this Scandi inspired home (and see how I have used pink bed linen here). You can create gallery walls with contemporary photography. The aesthetic is surely romantic and relaxed.

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