The Bum Chair by deVOL

After the incredible success of deVOL’s Bum Stool, deVOL are very happy to share a brand new addition to their collection, introducing The Bum Chair. Made right here in England from high quality British elm and oak, this chair has the same uber-comfy seat pan as the Bum Stool, a truly distinctive feature that saw both pieces awarded with a very prestigious Design Guild Mark for excellence in British Design.

This chair is not only beautiful, but promises to be the most comfortable wooden chair you will ever sit on. Right from the beginning deVOL's design team knew that they wanted to create a chair that was all about comfort and so, for most of the design process they paid little attention to stylistic, material and production restrictions to avoid compromising their form in any way.

The Bum Chair is a piece that has evolved from experience, both in design and life and so deVOL couldn’t be more in love with the finished chair.

deVOL’s Director and Founder, PaulO’Leary, explains the process of creating The Bum Chair:

Day 1 involved sitting on a 3 inch slab of wet clay. Each day the clay would harden and we would carve bits off and roll up sausages and add bits on...

The shape of the seat is not something that has been carefully designed to look a certain way, it is the seat that bodies, more specifically bums, have formed. Not just my bum, that would be silly, lots of bums.

This chair supports a healthy posture yet also remains a simple and visually stunning piece of furniture.

After the form came the style, and it’s thanks to my lovely designers and all of our taste and experience combined that this new chair looks so cool.” says Paul O’Leary.

The deVOL Design Team used their knowledge and current appreciation of 60’s and 70’s Scandinavian-led furniture to create a chair that both looks and feels perfect. The figure accentuates the deep bowling of the seat pan, showing every contour that nature has defined while the legs and struts positioning are all ergonomics and physics.

This chair is something deVOL have always wanted to be able to offer their kitchen customers; a beautifully simple, comfy, stylish chair at a sensible price, designed and made here in England.

The Bum Chair by deVOL is available to purchase with a kitchen or separately and is priced at £390.

The chair can be further complimented by the Bum stool which is available in two heights (table or counter).



Based in London,  United Kingdom,  Jenny Kakoudakis is the founder, 

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