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4 colour palettes to use in your garden styling

Sometimes setting the table with anything you have in the crockery cupboard just doesn't cut it. I should know, as I have not bought any new table clothes or plates since 2016. If you are thinking of investing in some key colourful pieces that can take your dinners to the next level (especially as you might have friends coming over soon), have a look at these 4 colour palettes to help you sort out what you might need to order now and where to find it. Your garden al fresco dining inspiration is right here!

Green colour palette

Clockwise from bottom: Outdoor Carpet with Tropical Print 160x230 | Garden chair in khaki resin and black metal | Candle, Diptyque | Green Tropical Print Tray | Green Bubble Glass Stemmed Glass | Green tinted bubble glass vase H17cm | Professional quality green and white woven resin bistro chair | White Earthenware Bowl with Green Stripe Print - Set of 2 | Tropical print tumbler set | Cotton Blanket with Green and Grey Print | all Maisons du Monde