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5 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor living spaces are coming back into focus now that Spring is finally here. And with the promise of longer days and warmer weather, the comfort and aesthetics of your outside space is once more a talking point.

You can work with everything you have whether it is a tiny balcony or a large patio. Being creative will eventually pay dividends and you don't have to break the bank to achieve a great result.

Our outdoors spaces are an important extension of the home where you can have a relaxing time alone or with family and friends. They also provide the ideal backdrop for special occasions. In this article, we will look at 6 out-of-the-box ways to help you curate a gorgeous setting to enjoy for the months ahead.


1. Light up your outdoors space

Although this might seem pretty basic, adding lights to a sheltered space - like a pergola, over a shed, around trees or inside bushes is by far the easiest way to add character while keeping costs down.

Festoon lights can be hung high (they can also help illuminate the darker patches of a garden) or you can use solar lights in planters or across a pathway. Minimalistic changes have a big impact and they are an inexpensive way to be as playful as you like.

Solar powered lights can be a great solution as they will soak the sun up during the day and manage to brighten the space. String bulbs are also available and they are a smart way to create pops of light as the day transitions into evening.

Get the Look

  • Dandelion Solar Powered Garden Lights (2), £32.95,

  • Chinese Lantern String Lights, £22.5, SPARKLE

  • Large globe connectable festoon lights, £59.95, SPARKLE

  • Drop Bulb Festoon Lights, £74.95, SPARKLE


  • NEW Four Solar Fluted Stake Lights, £30,


2. Bring in outdoor furniture pieces

Outdoor furnishings are a must have for including the right finishing touches. You can go with something which is more contemporary and invest in minimal pieces to bring the true character out of your space. Subtle decorations are the way to go.

To make sure that it maintains its appearance, make it a habit to clean it by removing bird poop from outdoor furniture and as well as removing stains and built-up grime.

Above: outdoors furniture from BRIDGMAN.

Below: rattan dining set from BRAMBLECREST.

3. Firepits for a cosy feel

Firepits are a great inclusion for a cosy feel in your garden space. They surely create beautiful accents and can be added to the backyard for a richer look. Modern firepits are designed to provide comfort and they brighten up any place. You can even get a custom firepit designed with built in features. If you are in the UK & looking for firepits, you can get them at Forest Fuel's website.

4. Decorate your walls

Dull, boring walls will dim the impact of everything. The best way is to create harmony in the overall look and decorate your wall with art, patterns or even paint them a certain way. Wall hangings are a good choice when you are trying to keep it simple yet effective.

5. Showcase Plant Collections

You can showcase different plants in pots and pedestals to show off how green fingered you are. While your nearest garden centre will provide lots of inspiration and a wide range of planters to choose from, you might be better off choosing products online, for a more coordinated look! White rose bush is quite popular right now and it's a great addition to your garden!

You can opt for unusual shapes like rusty iron baskets to make a certain plant stand out from the rest.

So what will you do this Spring to decorate your outdoors space?



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