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5 steps to creating an environmentally friendly garden

Recent research has shown, that over 60% of shoppers are concerned about the environmental impact of their clothes shopping. That being said, there is still a very long way to go and everyone can do their own little bit to help. This includes your home and in this particular post your garden – and here we look at five ways to create an environmentally friendly garden that you can enjoy just as much.

  1. Limit your use of water

  2. Grow your own produce

  3. Make your own compost

  4. Choose reusable or wholly natural materials

  5. Use Natural pesticides


1. Limit your use of water

There is a huge amount of misuse when it comes to water. This includes showers, taps, and baths but it can also be in your garden too. A good first step would be to limit your water use and make sure that you’re only using what you need.

Overwatering flowers can actually be damaging to them. Another good tip for limiting your water use is to check the weather forecast. If it’s a sunny day but it’s due to rain tomorrow, do you really need to water your plants? A bit of forward planning could save a lot of water.