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5 steps to a dreamy little girl's room

If your little princess is starting to form an opinion about the look of her room, and you are ready to make some quick changes to update her personal quarters, then my 5 step guide to a dreamy girl's room is just what you need. Of course I don't want to pigeonhole girls to specific colours, so this one is for those who love pink blush, creamy or pastel colours.

1. Let the wallpaper become focal point

You can always choose a wallpaper and let it take centre stage in your design. You can then add complimentary colours to the rest of the room, or colour match your paint by taking a sample of your wallpaper to your local decorating experts (Valspar also offer this service, at B&Q).

This enchanting Swans wallpaper featuring elegant swans wearing gold crowns is fit for a princess and will look serene and beautiful in any little girl's bedroom. Just add matching Swan and Crown cushions for the final magical touch.

Below: Adorn your walls with a magical tale of woodland wonders from HIBOU! Featuring hand drawn woodland creatures with toadstools, acorns and golden keys, this beautiful wallpaper will look adorable in any baby's nursery or child's room. Just add our linen canopy for a fairytale woodland feel. Available in one gorgeous colourway – Dusty Pink/Olive

2. Choose complimentary colours for your scheme

If you feel that pink and grey has been overdone (and indeed it has) try some warm colours to combine instead. This will create a cosy feeling in the room and feel contemporary. Our favourite colour combos include: Pink and mustard, pink and orange (the latter used as an accent colour only).

In the example below (by DULUX), a twin room design is using vertical stripes to divide the space in two zones. Which paints? 70YY 51/669, 79RB 76/076, 28YR 29/561.

3. Accesorize

Once you have picked your colour scheme (and/or the wallpaper), add your accessories - these could be cotton ball lights in complimentary (or contrasting) colours, cushions and canopies like this one from Hibou. This stunning linen canopy is perfect for creating a magical place to sleep, read or play. Hang it over your child's bed for a truly enchanting bedroom. Or team it with a matching play mat to create a cosy den.

Below: A must have accessory for any stylish nursery or girl's room, Odette is a beautiful hand felted swan head. Hand made using organic wool, Odette features delicate appliqué feathers and fine needle felted detail to her face. Each swan head is truly unique.

4. Add bedding to inspire sleep!

If your scheme is all about florals, find a matching bedding set. It's easy to opt for an all white cotton set, but given how much space the bed takes up in the room, it's important that it is 'hidden' out of sight with this clever trick: find a duvet cover in the same (or similar) colour to the adjoining wall. This way, the bed surface will not stick out so prominently! Floral bed linen, £70 for a single adult size bed.

5. Future proof the room

It is easy to fall into the trap of buying kid sized beds, but given how quickly kids grow, their expensive tiny bed will soon be needing an upgrade. Why not invest upfront in a bed they will still love in 10 years like these from Sweetpea & Willow?

Above: the Petit Lockley; below: Petit Laurent, both Handmade in London for Sweetpea & Willow.



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