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5 Tips to Create a Scandinavian-Themed Backyard Retreat

Scandinavian decor greatly influenced interior decorating in the 20th century and is synonymous with minimalist modern design. But did you know that you can capture the essence of this style aesthetic for your outdoor spaces, too? Here are 5 tips to create a Scandinavian-themed backyard retreat.

5 Tips to Create a Scandinavian-Themed Backyard Retreat

Less Furniture, More Possibilities

Do you love to entertain guests outdoors on those pleasant summer afternoons? You don’t have to worry about dragging extra tables outdoors to accommodate your guests, ever again. Not when you have less furniture with more possibilities, which is what the Scandinavian decor style is all about.

An extendable outdoor dining table is the answer to those big gatherings when you just don’t have the extra furniture or the space for it. It’s a UV-resistant, water-repellent, and winterproof table that accommodates you, by fitting into your life and your available space. Not the other way around!

An extendable outdoor table effortlessly transforms from a smaller side table to one big enough for all your friends and family during the holidays. You’ll be able to share your Scandinavian-themed backyard retreat with your loved ones, in style and comfort.

5 Tips to Create a Scandinavian-Themed Backyard Retreat

Embrace the Beauty of Nature

An appreciation of the innate beauty of nature is the main focus of Scandinavian design. This is why wood features so much in this decor style.

This is easy to achieve in an outdoor space, as there is so much nature around you. However, not all of us have a lot of greenery around our outdoor spaces.

That’s okay. You can still embrace the beauty of nature wherever you are. Just add some large potted plants, and you’ll automatically feel like you’re in a garden retreat. Add some wood chairs or a wooden deck, and you’ll have surrounded yourself with all things natural.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit. Include a few smaller decor items like a wicker basket or a small area rug made of natural fibers like jute or bamboo.

Natural materials and fibers lend themselves well to any decor style and are becoming increasingly popular. Even fiber art is finally being taken seriously.

Let it Glow, but Keep it Low

If you love to relax in your outdoor spaces in the evening, you’ll need to install some outdoor lighting. This is essential not only for setting the right mood for an outdoor party but also for added safety and security at night. Avoid harsh, glaring lights or spotlights, though.

Soft and gentle lighting is the way to achieve a Scandinavian ambiance in your backyard retreat.

You can, of course, get the soft lighting you want from candlelight, and this would be perfect for a romantic dinner in the evening. But a few well-placed solar lights are a much better option for your backyard retreat.

Place them where they are guaranteed to be exposed to the most sunlight.

Some solar lights have an on/off switch, but most just turn themselves on and off at dawn and dusk. It’s simple, natural, and sustainable - perfect for your Scandinavian-themed backyard retreat.

5 Tips to Create a Scandinavian-Themed Backyard Retreat

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Create a Comforting Nook

If you’re keen on a cozy nook in your backyard retreat, don’t fret. You can have it without compromising your desire for a Scandinavian theme. Introducing at least one item of comfortable seating is the easiest way to transform your outdoor space into a relaxing oasis.

This can be an armchair or a lounger, but if you want to make it really special, consider a hammock. You will find a wide range of hammocks available at online stores.

Some outdoor garden centers also sell them in the summer. But it’s fairly easy to construct your own if you don’t mind a bit of DIY.

Make your lounging nook even more inviting with a tall potted plant and a pop of color from a throw pillow.

Now you have the perfect spot to relax, away from the cares of the world. Just remember that you’ll need some shade in the midday heat. So if your nook is in a sunny spot, add shade cloth or an awning.

Keep it Neutral, but Never Boring

Scandinavian design style centers around clean lines and neutral colors. Usually, this means white, cream, beige, ecru, and taupe. Grey can also be used successfully in a Scandinavian theme. Neutral never has to be boring. Varying textures add interest and depth to even the most austere color scheme.

Neutrals are very calming and have the added advantage of creating the illusion of more spacious surroundings. You may find the neutral color scheme so appealing, that you incorporate it in your indoor style as well. This will be a real plus should you ever decide to rent out your stylish home as an Airbnb.

If you like a bit of color in your life, there's some good news. Certain colors can also be used as quasi-neutrals when they are soft and muted, or light and airy. The best options for these near-neutrals are blues and greens as they are also the colors of nature.


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