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50 Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Even if you don't have a sprawling kitchen, there are ways to make your space look bigger and more enjoyable and that's by lighting it up right. Choosing the perfect pendant lights for over your kitchen island or dining table in an open plan kitchen/dining space can surely feel exhausting. After all there is so much choice out there.

What you need to remember is consistency in your lights. If your space has both ceiling and wall lights, choose fixtures that are of similar style. For example, don't use art deco wall lights if your pendant lights are industrial style. Mismatching your lighting fixtures like this will result in an incoherent look and you will end up throwing money to fix stylistic mistakes further down the line.

Read on to help find a great combination of lights in 5 key styles:

  • Industrial

  • Art deco

  • Contemporary

  • Classic

  • Transitional - this is a happy medium between the stiff classic, old school style and the contemporary one. Think about cleaner lines without losing the contemporary edge.

Industrial Style Light Fixtures for your kitchen

Art Deco Style Light Fixtures for your kitchen

Contemporary Style Light Fixtures for your kitchen

Classic Style Light Fixtures for your kitchen