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6 Outdoor Furniture Ideas for Homeowners

Whenever the sun comes out, people flock to the outdoors. It is a freedom from being in our homes, and even for a short visit, getting out into nature is nurturing. From the smells to the sights and feel of the sun and breeze, spending time outside is more than a healthy pursuit.

Are you looking for furniture to place around your home so family and friends can relax and share good times? Yes, that is an easy answer, but it leaves you wondering what pieces will serve you best.

Here are some great outdoor furniture ideas for homeowners to help you get the best setup for BBQs, family gatherings, and just relaxing in the sun.

6 Outdoor Furniture Ideas for Homeowners


Patios are different in that they typically are uncovered, exposed to the lovely rays of the sun and whatever else nature provides for the weather. They are often detached from the home and offer an entertaining area in the garden, around a pool, or centrally located in the backyard for gatherings.

A more robust type of furniture is used as they stay out day and night throughout the season and maybe all year.

Patio furniture is constructed from all-weather materials like treated wood or powder-coated aluminum to accommodate the elements. Depending on the type, you may include cushions and pillows that come out for an event or party and then get brought in at night.


Patio furniture comes in many types. Lounge chairs offer comfort and relaxation. They can be adjustable or fixed in design.

Adirondack chairs also provide comfort but have a more upright position. These chairs are usually wider with slatted seats and backs. Adding cushions can make them even more comfortable.

A sofa set gives you another gathering zone for comfortable conversation and relaxing during a BBQ or party. There are endless setups for couches, chairs and coffee tables in wood, wicker and fabrics.

6 Outdoor Furniture Ideas for Homeowners

Dining Set & Accessories

Beyond relaxing, you might also need a place to eat or drink. A dining set can vary in size to suit a small cocktail or an extensive family buffet. Picnic tables are part of this group, and dining sets can be made from wood, metal, and even plastic.

Having a place to sit is helpful, but adding accessories can add functionality. These include side tables, fireplaces, planters, and buffets that you can place around your patio for function and style.

Children's Furniture

Outdoor furniture is often made to give children their pieces to use. These range from seating to playthings; some even incorporate all of the above in their construction.

Kids' outdoor furniture is about smaller sizes, so they can have picnic tables, chairs, and even sofas. These pieces are easy to move and great for relaxing, picnics, and games.

Create Zones

Spending time outdoors is easier when there are dedicated places for the purpose. You probably know what furniture you can orient these pieces to make different zones for family and friends to enjoy.

If you like games, chairs and side tables can flank a bocce court or badminton court. Eating areas are necessary with dining sets and outdoor kitchens. You can put a few loungers together for sunbathing and private chats. You can also have a large grouping of seating for everyone to hang out around a pool or grassy playfield.

The possibilities are endless and even though you may have a backyard without many features, patio furniture creates a structure for you to enjoy.

6 Outdoor Furniture Ideas for Homeowners

Sheltered Areas

Some leisure areas around our homes still have overhead coverings, which bridge the gap between inside and outside. These may be porches, verandas, lanais, or open sunrooms, along with dedicated roof systems and awnings, which protect them from the elements. For these spaces, you can use a variety of furniture types.

Rugged sofas and fabric chairs work well, providing a relaxing place. These can be made of wood or steel with fabric cushions and upholstery that can be dedicated to the outdoors or removable. Cushions work perfectly too, as they are portable and can come out and return according to your needs.

These great outdoor furniture ideas for homeowners to transform their exterior space. Use this as a guide to making your backyard come to life. Fill it and your furniture with the people in your life with whom you love to spend time.

Image Credit: Oliver Steer Interiors Architecture and Design


Jenny Kakoudakis likes to blog about gardening. She launched the award-winning Seasons in Colour in 2014. When she is not chasing criminals out of the financial system (her day job), she loves pottering around her own garden.

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