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8 home renovation mistakes to avoid

Photo by Erol Ahmed

Renovating and refurbishing your home can be an exciting project to undertake and also helps save money on calling in professional DIY and decorating firms. Having recently been through the process of renovating both bathrooms in our home, I felt it's time to share! There are a number of common home renovation pitfalls that can strike any unwary homeowners, though, so it's important to ensure you plan your DIY projects with care.

This post is a paid collaboration with the Home Building & Renovating Show. As always, all views are my own.

Renovation mistakes are easy to make, and refurbishing homes is not as easy as it appears in home DIY TV shows. If you do make mistakes in the renovation of your home, you may need to call in professionals to rectify the problem. If you have been following our bathroom renovation project recently here on the blog and on social media you will have seen me share a number of tips to help with your future work - basically you can learn from my mistakes (such as my ordering insufficient tiles, twice, and paying extra to have more delivered to our home - on a palette and express, costing half the national deficit!

Taking the renovation of your home slowly and not rushing headlong into major projects is important for any novice. Once you've redecorated and remodelled a few of the rooms in your home you'll have more expertise and knowledge about the best ways to approach jobs and just how long they will take. I love sharing professional advice on this blog, which today comes courtesy of Shire Doors (disclosure: this content is not paid for; the team at Shire asked nicely and having read a draft of their advice I thought you would really benefit from reading it!).