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8 Reasons To Buy At Auction

Auctions are the perfect place to start searching if you’re looking to update your interiors. Whether you are looking for furniture, a rug, tableware, a new cocktail dress for a party or the perfect gift for a family member, auctions offer it all. Forget about the crowded auction rooms, super expensive art and antiques. Of course there is still that, but there is also a new side to the auction world evolving. As our world has gone digital, so has the auction world, allowing anyone to bid, and expanding the market to include almost anything you can find under the sun.

The search aggregator Barnebys, a Swedish company founded in 2011 that quickly grew international, have collected online auctions in addition to many art and design dealers under one roof. Barnebys makes it easy to navigate among the vast amount of objects up for sale every day. Here are 8 reasons to why you should buy at auction.

Image courtesy of Barnebys/Bukowskis

1. Find almost anything

The truth is that you can find almost anything at auction today. With thousands of auction houses around the world you will, without a doubt, find one that offers what you’re looking for - no matter if it’s fashion, design, art or furniture. People trade items of significant value and history from all over the world.

2. Easy find, easy buy

You don’t have to be an expert to bid at auctions. When you’ve found what you’re looking for you will simply be redirected to the auction house’s website and you can start bidding! There are a few things to keep in mind: always start low, it’s easy to get carried away…

Always compare the estimate price to other prices on similar items at Barnebys before you decide what you are willing to pay. Are you worried about fakes? Always read the description of the item provided by the auction house. You can rely on the authenticity on every item on Barnebys as the auction houses listed always conduct brand-specific authentication processes.

Image courtesy of Barnebys/Bukowskis​

French Designer Jean Louis Deniot regularly uses one-off vintage pieces in his designs. Photo: Jean Louis Deniot

Another Jean Louis Deniot design. For a similar coffee table try the Willy Daro brass table, with illuminated quarz cristals and glass oval top by Willy Daro, France, circa 1970s by AIMO ROOM via Barnebys.

3. The experience

Buying at auction can be both exciting and personal as you search for sought-after items or build on your collections. Auctions are a way to promote the sale of second hand quality pieces, something we find refreshing in the throw-away society that dominates our lives today. There is of course the part where a piece’s history adds to the pleasure of owning a special piece. At Barnebys articles are published weekly with stories about objects, what’s happening in the auction world, deeper knowledge content on art and collectibles and lots and lots of art and design related news. So if you want an update on some auction facts, this aspect of the website is also incredibly useful for the average bidder.

4. Sustainability

With promoting the sale of second hand goods you are at the same time promoting sustainability and recycling. Buying at auction gives you the possibility of getting your hands on quality goods that were built to last and have already survived generations. Something Barnebys is keen to promote is making it easier and faster to buy at auction.

5. Quality

When you find something you love you want it to last for a long time. And if you would change your mind, you would like to be able to sell the item again for a fair amount, right? This is the beauty of buying pre-loved goods at auction. It’s the longevity of goods that puts them up for auction in the first place. Classic style and high quality are the prime qualities for something to endure both time and evolving trends.

Image courtesy of Barnebys/Bukowskis

Image courtesy of Barnebys/Bukowskis

6. Time and money saving

Leading a busy life and finding yourself buying newly produced items online whenever you’re looking for something new? Doesn’t it seem ironic to buy something that is not made to last just to find yourself having to replace it every couple of years and spending both more time and money in the long run? With the evolving online auction business it has become easier for auction houses to host their auctions, and for you to just log on, browse and bid. All through a couple of clicks on your desktop or smartphone.

7. Diversity

As the bidding audience has grown exponentially and become more diverse in the past few years so has the variety of goods accessible through the auction market. With Barnebys’ service you can bid on anything from pre-loved furniture, exclusive design, rare ceramics, vintage fashion to sentimental memento items reminding you of your childhood.

8. Sell at auction

We know this is a long list of reasons on why you should buy at auction. However, when you start buying you will soon realise how easy it is to sell at auction too. And you will probably love the full end cycle of sharing your onced loved items and promoting sustainable consumption.

At Barnebys you have the possibility to get your antiques, old handbags, paintings and much more valuated by experts with their valuation service. They will provide you with a certificate and estimate price, and upon demand you can be proposed where to sell. If you are from the United Kingdom or Ireland and would like to access the site, you can check it out here.

Before you head to the online auction rooms and start bidding there are a few things to think about… If it is your first time bidding at auction, set a price limit before you start as it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of bidding.

You should also check the details and condition reports provided by the auctioneer. Start low and compare your bid with the starting price or estimate bid set by the auction house as it is based on their initial valuation.

Last but not least, don’t forget about the additional fees that might occur - add them to your final price when you set your price limit! Enjoy your bidding!

Photo: Bea Silveira Design. For a similar ebony and brass coffee table try this on Barnebys.

Author’s Bio: Barnebys is the leading search engine for art, antiques and collectibles from more than 2,000 auction houses around the world. Barnebys users are – for the first time – able to search the entire auction market on one user-friendly site.


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