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These bathroom ideas are still hot in 2021

A bathroom renovation often sounds like the biggest challenge you can take on in your home, but it is also one of the most rewarding, making getting out of bed extra special in the morning and helping you wind down after a long day in the office or running after children. Here are our favourite bathrooms for 2021.


Bathroom floors with pattern and colour

Colourful and patterned floors are something we see often in bathrooms and it's giving us positive vibes! Bathroom spaces are often void of colour or too serious and that takes the fun away from designing a space that you will want to spend more time in!

This beautiful master bathroom is situated in a Victorian townhouse in the heart of colourful Notting Hill in London and was featured in the October 2014 issue of Homes & Gardens.

The classic style and semi-bold colour choices create a relaxing space with a unique style and elegance that is both classic and contemporary.

We love the random choice of floor tiles, mixing different complimentary colours to add character and depth to the scheme. Using the same pattern or colour on the entire floor can come across flat. By incorporating large-size tiles, the pattern used does not end up looking 'busy'.

The Venetian plaster wall on the bath side is also protected with a large piece of glass, to help with the ongoing cleaning of water splashes. Genious!

A roll-top spey cast iron bath in Salmon pink from Drummonds is the main feature of the room, with brassware creating a warm, nostalgic feel. It has been left un-lacquered and un-polished to age naturally giving it a rich, golden colour and unique patina.

Victorian townhouse Bathroom with a Drummonds roll top cast iron bath in pink with brass taps and colourful floor tiles
Designer: Drummonds | Photography: Anthony Parkinson

Mosaic Tiles in the Shower

Award-winning UK-based interior design studio Kia Designs was asked to remodel an existing flat structure to form 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and an open-plan kitchen, dining and living room.

The new layout would yield a more ergonomic use of space, and provide more accommodation and suitable living area for a growing family. In this bathroom, she utilised BISAZZA mosaic tiles from the Decorations collection.

Bisazza mosaic tiles in shower and floor with flower pattern, luxury bathroom renovation by KIA DESIGNS
Designer: KIA DESIGNS | Photography: Anna Stathaki

Should I use shower-proof wallpaper in the bathroom?

Bathrooms can be particularly humid spaces and require the correct material and good ventilation.

For this reason, it is not recommended to use wallpaper in them, and of course, the walls closer to wet areas are a no-no for installing wallpaper.

This bathroom project in Scotland, however, is finished with a gorgeous wall feature inside the spacious shower. For something similar to this feature, look up Westone Bathrooms' Wet System.

Other finishes: Clyde single-ended freestanding bathtub, Naver vanity basin, Dalby thermostatic shower and low-level WC Suite, all from Drummonds.

Georgian bathroom with contemporary shower wallpaper feature
Designer: Drummonds

Tongue and groove

With tongue and groove walls and inky blue colour, this Lisette Voute-designed bathroom belongs to a beautiful West Sussex beach house that will blow your mind away.

With inspiration from Hamptons beach houses and a sophisticated colour palette, it is a timeless space where character is added with the tongue and groove wall.

Mirrors to make a room bigger

Design Studio Amberth were asked to make this mirrored bathroom feel more spacious with a distinctive feminine feel.

With the request for pastel colours which is evident on the floor tiles, copper fittings and hexagonal tiles, this gorgeous bathroom has been updated into a stylish, contemporary space.

A solid surface bath and basin give a modern feel and mirrored panelled cabinets provide confined storage which visually expands the space. A bespoke shower screen meets the ceiling, maintaining clean lines throughout.

feminine bathroom with mirrors and rose gold taps pastel colour tiles
Designer: AMBERTH

Wallpaper in the bathroom

Catherine Rowe knows how to create colourful and fun designs and these computer-generated images show exactly how you can jazz up your bathroom with her gorgeous wallpapers.

If you are too scared to add wallpaper in the bathroom - don't be! Wallpaper is absolutely fine provided it has been applied correctly and it is not in an area where water will directly get splashed on it.

You can use Decorators Varnish (in dead flat finish) to cover parts of the wallpaper that are in areas of high moisture, e.g., closer to the bath or shower and to your sink. However, don't add wallpaper directly behind the sink or bathtub!

Small bathroom in dark blue tongue and groove with pink vanity unit and colourful wallpaper from Catherine Rowe, brass mirrors and wall sconces
Wallpaper by Catherine Rowe
Small bathroom in mint green blue tongue and groove with pink vanity unit and colourful china dogs wallpaper from Catherine Rowe, brass mirrors and wall sconces
Wallpaper: China Dogs by Catherine Rowe
Small bathroom in mint green tongue and groove with peach vanity unit and colourful flamingos wallpaper from Catherine Rowe, brass mirrors and wall sconces
Wallpaper: Flamingos by Catherine Rowe
bathroom decorated with blue metro tiles and lavender wallpaper with shell and pearl design by Catherine Rowe. Round brass mirror and a pink wall light above the pink vanity sink
Wallpaper: Shell with Pearl by Catherine Rowe
Mint green roll top bathtub with gold claw legs and marble floor. Coral colour Wallpaper on the wall
Wallpaper: Seahorse in Coral by Catherine Rowe



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