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2021 Colour Trends for eclectic and fun interiors - Capri Pink

It is the year we saw the inside of our homes more than ever. In a time when a pandemic hit, we sought comfort in DIY and home decor, turning our homes into sanctuaries. Desperate for change, a lot of us tried our hand at painting anything from furniture to walls to vases in an effort to keep busy and make our homes more fun and inspiring.

Interior decor brand Annie Sloan indulges our need for bright and colorful spaces with their new paint called Capri Pink.

Capri Pink

Channel the joie de vivre of the island of Capri with Capri Pink, the latest addition to the Chalk Paint™ palette. “Inspired by the Italian resort, a mecca for artists and aristocrats alike since the 19th century, this is a pink as packed with personality as it is with pigment,” says colour expert and Chalk Paint™ creator Annie Sloan.

“From Sonja de Lennart’s daring Capri pants and the work of surrealist fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, this empowering, shocking shade of pink has always demanded attention,” explains Annie. “In the 1940’s, Schiaparelli’s use of this arresting yet playful colour on the couture runways made a case for bright pink as the cosmopolitan, chic, and confident woman’s choice. I’ve developed Capri Pink so that you can channel that glamour beyond your wardrobe and into your home. Travel to the mid-century heyday of this trans-international cultural hotspot each time you pop a tin of Capri Pink. Italian sunshine sadly not included.”


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