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A revival in the bathroom - Ivoire de Medici

One of my currently best performing Pins on Pinterest is one of a Victorian style bathroom with wallpaper behind the sink. The style is traditional but the look is bold, the colours vivid. 2018 has really been the year that saw bathroom renovations take off so no wonder everyone is searching for the most inspiring designs on Pinterest. Wherever I look on Instagram, bathrooms are having their moment. And because most of the homes I am following are characterful Victorians, their owners are set in getting products to really set the tone for the rest of their home.

Traditional bathrooms are timeless and perfect for a period home when you really want to add some heritage elements to your design. Cue the latest collection from Burlington with a 1930s colourway - Ivoire de Medici.

This post is a collaboration with Burlington but all views and styling suggestions are my own.

Along with Ming Green (a pale jade colour) and T'ang Red (maroon to you and me), Ivoire de Medici was one of the top colours to have back in the days and could only be found in high end homes.

What is the origin of Ivoire de Medici ?

First introduced as a luxury bathroom colour in 1929, Ivoire de Medici is said to “have brought the warmth of sunlight to bathroom décor”. A new collection of sanitary ware from Burlington is based on Edwardian designs incorporating this colour way.

This ‘mellow tint of old ivory’ was first achieved by Italian potters who worked under the patronage of the famous de Medici family in Florence. Drawing inspiration from the iconic colour palettes and styles of the historical era, the new Medici collection introduces an updated and contemporary approach to incorporating the warm ivory finish into the bathroom.

Presented across a comprehensive collection of ceramic, showering and brassware designs, Burlington has taken classical inspiration from the bygone era of great British bathroom design and incorporated it into its own.

But why the need to have it back in our lives?

Think about it. White metro tiles have had their day - years ago. Metro tiles are still popular but they are changing - in colour, and size. As we start injecting more colour into our bathrooms sinks and other sanitary ware should no longer be a harsh bright white. The contrast would be too much.

Ivoire de Medici on the other hand, softens the look and fits better in. Here are a couple mock ups, using glazed long metro tiles in pink and green (available on Artisans of Devises).

What about wallpapered bathrooms? Will this colour work with them?

Absolutely! First of all, aren't wallpapered bathrooms the trendiest?! No seriously! Never have guest WCs seen so much love as when we started wallpapering the hell out of them!

Again, a crisp white sink & toilet would look good enough (try this Wall Hung 134 Curved Vanity unit in Matt White and Minerva white worktop with integrated white basin, £2,219, Burlington Bathrooms), but the warm ivory Medici sink will fill the space without creating a hard contrast.

In the examples below, I have used a variety of wallpaper designs (striped, floral, abstract) but most of all love the striped paper from Farrow & Ball (in Stiffkey blue and arsenic) and would paper the entire room (ceiling included) in this design if I could.

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Styling suggestions

Here are some mood boards for styling your Medici bathroom. If you like a black and white bathroom then a classic sink with aluminium stand in black can be styled with a traditional looking black mirror and opal glass lights. The Trafalgar radiator in black will complete the look. The cost:

Where space is limited, utilise a slim stand with steel legs that reflect the light (and you can hang your hand towel over the front too) with a swivel mirror (try the Arcade Rectangular swivel mirror with curved corners and nickel plated brass wall mounts, £249 Burlington Bathrooms).

Fresh greens like Farrow & Ball's Lichen and metro tiles in a variety of green hues will work great together. Keep the theme green by matching your towels to the colours of your walls, or any other similar green colour way. If you have enough space, style a few branches of eucalyptus in a tall slim white vase and you're done.

The wonderful thing about this collection colour is how versatile it feels. It also helps you move away from the white bathroom pieces that can sometimes feel too cold.

More from the Medici Collection by Burlington

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For the majority of us, we want our bathrooms to be a place of relaxation and tranquil peace, a place where you can truly unwind after a long day. Well sometimes even the colour in your bathroom can help with this, don't you think?

Photography supplied by Burlington; Mood boards and mock-ups by @Seasonsincolour



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