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Beautiful Kids Rooms

I have been paying closer attention to kids rooms this month, mostly thanks to the 'back to school' trend and the addition of our own kid's room in the digital version of the Dulux Let's Colour Magazine which you can see here (with before and after photos).

While you might think that a room fit for babies is easy to bring together - after all they won't complain, yet! - the older the child, the more difficult it gets.

Why? Because our tweens have an opinion and they are not afraid to express it. Have you tried shopping with your kid lately? They know exactly what they want and why.

Beautiful Kids Rooms

Image credit: Four Cheeky Monkeys

My first pick is about the bohemian look that Ness from Four Cheeky Monkeys brought together for her daughter's room, with a vintage 1960s peacock headboard - how cool!

Bohemian interiors are a continuous trend and thanks to Anthropologie you can have the whole look - from home to fashion.

Makrames and Pom-Poms are mandatory, as are many colors - by the way, I like the dark wall and natural rattan bed frame, and Ness has a whole more look in different colorways to show, so do visit her website as well!

If you love headboards covered in exciting fabrics I have a great collection right here for you. First, these twin beds appeared on HomePolish and were photographed by Lauren Edith Anderson.

What I like about this room is the fact that the headboard is covered in such an intense design when the rest of the room is pretty much toned down.

The Moroccan leather pouf also echoes bohemian vibes. On trend!

When  Joy Cho worked on a room at Kelly Golightly's home

Beautiful Kids Rooms

When Joy Cho of Oh Joy! was called in to work her magic in a bedroom belonging to Kelly Golightly, she delivered an amazing new space that is fit for the overall style of the home and perfect for the owner.

What I like about this space: customisation! The Pom-Pom curtains are a diy project, showing that not everything should be off the shelf (otherwise you end up with a look that can be too easily copied).

I also like how Joy mixed products from her Target collection with more expensive Kelly Wearstler pieces (the light).

If you are designing for a teenage girl, you need to add mirrors and good lighting because: make-up! (and don't forget you might have the next blogging/vlogging big thing right here in this bedroom). So give them the right space, with statement lights and artwork.

If you have considered murals for some time but cannot think about spending around £500 to dress up a single wall, paint one yourself.



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