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Eye catching kitchen design - Best of 2019

When it comes to design, style and character, these kitchens have it all. These are the best of 2019.

West London Kitchen by BLAKES LONDON

The essence of this kitchen is simple, yet though the use of deeply textured materials such as Paonazzo marble worktops and fumed oak floorboards a luxurious aesthetic is created in this Blakes London kitchen.

Two kitchens in one - BLAKES LONDON

Crittall doors create an elegant separation between the clean and dirty parts of working kitchen life. Using Crittall offers a line of vision which connects the two spaces and allows light to penetrate. The mosaic floor with daisy flower effect is easily replicated with these Artisans of Devises Mono Hex Porcelain Daisy floor tiles (£91.84m²).

AAP Residence by Mim Design

Copenhagen Apartment by Norm Architects

Below: design & photography Norm Architects

CATHERINE KWONG - Minimalistic design with marble

Victorian House by Georgina Jeffries


Visit the Georgina Jeffries here.

Minimalistic kitchen designs by Nordiska kok



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