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The best online sources for art

Art is one of the elements that can make a room schemes come together. The pieces you use need to have a personal meaning for you and more often than not can influence the colour scheme. How often have we heard an interior designer say "the colour scheme in this room was influenced by a favourite piece of art the owner has'.

Art is of course down to personal taste but there are quire a few styles that are really trending currently like abstract and pop art and which we see in many homes over and over. As usual we have found some really interesting pieces and listed numerous sources, doing all the hard work for you!


Above and below: abstract art chosen in this lateral living apartment, which was part of a large scale remodel, extension and complete refurbishment of three Grade II listed Georgian townhouses, creating eight exclusive residential apartments by DO DESIGN, in Knightsbridge.

Find abstract art on Brissi - shown below is acrylic on canvas called 'Expression'. Buy it here.

abstract art over a fireplace in blue colours acrylic on canvas

Shown below is acrylic on canvas called 'White Morning'. Buy it here.

abstract art over an armchair in blue colours acrylic on canvas

Leah Caylor Fine Art

Jessica Zoob, available direct or through Trowbridge Gallery

Created in the beautiful light of the idyllic Sussex countryside in the UK, Jessica Zoob's oil paintings (above) serve as the inspiration for her "dream state". Often about real and emotional landscapes, her painting stem from life adventures in Asia, urban decay, cloud patterns and delicate colours of butterfly wings.

Blue Bubble Design

Mariaho Art

Obaid Abstract Art

Studio Wishful (UK)

Above and below: Sarina Diakos Art

Above and below: Boriana M Fine Art prints

Our go to sources for abstract art


Above: Do Design Studio add some pop art in contrasting colours of lime yellow and pink against a blue backdrop in this South London Townhouse.

Image credit: Annabelle

Image credit: HAUS

(Image credit: David Telford)

Above and below: Rina Mualem pop art prints, Israel

Mickey - Dollars + Sense - Gold by Ben Allen on Riseart

Carl Moore

Super Pop Boy - Pop art

Our go to sources for pop art


Portraits are hard to choose. They do spark a conversation though! "Who's this? Do you known them?" And there's almost always a little story that the artist might be able to share with you about the subject of the painting you just bought.

Painting by Attasit Pokpong

Keith More's "Druid", available on Riseart

For Portrait prints try


Photography prints can be more affordable than original art sometimes - depending on the artist of course. Some galleries offer a lower grade of prints, for example printed as poster with the Gallery logo on, as opposed to printing on high quality archival paper and signed by the artist.

As before, when buying photography prints as an investment, ensure that you get a certificate of authenticity, and that your print is numbered and signed by the artist. Smaller editions (e.g. an edition of 50 prints only) will command higher prices for a well known artist. Here are a few often mentioned artists:

Tommy Clarke takes his striking aerial views from 90 degree angles, relying on natural light for an authentic shot. His work creates patterns out of containers, boats and sun-bathers, revolving around the sea and the coastline.

His coastal views take in Australian beaches, turbulent oceans and industrial structures. His work has been featured in numerous publications including The Telegraph, The Times and the Daily Mail.

You can buy Tommy Clarke Limited edition prints on Lumitrix

Instagram: @tommy.clarke

Twitter: @tommy_clarke

Miguel Vallinas Prieto

Madrid based photographer Miguel Vallinas Prieto began his ‘Second Skins’ series with the intention of ‘investigating the animal in us all’. This whimsical photo series sees various animals dressed in contemporary outfits, posing as typical human models would. You can find his prints on Riseart.

Cody Choi is an exceptional dance photographer whose journey into photography began when he toured the world as a dancer with Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake. Over the course of the three-year tour, Cody photographed his fellow dancers and their performance spaces. The rest, as they say, is history..

Photos by Cody Choi, available on Riseart

Cody Choi prints on Riseart

Twitter: @codysmoving

Our go to sources for photography prints



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