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Blogger office mini makeover

Hey friends, how is everyone spending their weekend? I personally spent a lot of time with the family but also managed to re-arrange a few things here and there in my office to give it a mini makeover for Autumn. Although, I have to admit, too many changes are starting to tire me out, this one was a pleasant refresh to get me motivated for the long month ahead. September is one of the busiest for the blog with just too many events taking place every single week. Anything to keep me going really.

If you have been following the blog for some time you will know that I originally painted my room back in Spring 2015, when I took the space over from my husband - here's what the room looked like just as I started painting it. Gross. I know. But stay with me because this is one hell of a transformation. We have to show you the ugly photos too before you can say wow.

So originally, the room was all very light blue walls (Steel Symphony 4 by Dulux). But after attending a workshop with Abigail Ahern, I decided to go for a black and white theme. So I painted two walls black (L-Shape), one was left as it was (the window wall) and one wall had a beautiful black and white mural installed on it. You can see the full room transformation here, but let's get to where I was when I started the mini-makeover.

Eames black DAW chairs in an eclectic home office against Farrow and Ball Railings with Anglepoise white lamps and IKEA desk

OK, it's all beautifully black and white. So why this mini makeover? Well, I wanted to update the artwork first of all. I have been looking at the same pictures for 2 years now and they started to do my head in to be honest.

Then just as I was packing for the summer holidays, I received an email from HOMELOV who got in touch to ask if I would like to try their products. I had not come across them before, but they do prints with typography/quotes, minimalistic themes and botanicals as well as fashion. Their website was beautifully put together and very easy to navigate.

So I did what every respectable blogger does. Jumped at the opportunity to review them and share them with my readers provided I was happy. And happy I was. Let me tell you more about the theme I chose first.

I could have kept the black and white theme and just updated the prints. But I wanted something extra. You might have caught me mentioning the upcoming Guest Bedroom makeover which will have a green theme (green bed from Sofas'n'Stuff and green-ish floral wallpaper from Little Greene), as well as the living room (green sofas there from the Sofa Workshop/DFS) which I rarely share with you because it's still not "there" when it comes to design.

So there's plenty of green love going around in my home at the moment, so I thought, why not in the office as well!

In addition to the artwork, I also had some credit with so I decided to put that in two new office chairs - I went for the Kitsch dining chairs in Racing Green. These are a recent addition in terms of colours - green with brass legs. I had the Gubi Beetle Chair as my inspiration, and these come as close to it in terms of colour and brass legs.

Kitsch dining chairs racing green with brass legs in an eclectic home office against Farrow and Ball Railings with Anglepoise white lamps and IKEA desk

Kitsch dining chairs racing green with brass legs in an eclectic home office against Farrow and Ball Railings with Anglepoise white lamps and IKEA desk

Kitsch dining chairs racing green with brass legs in an eclectic home office against Farrow and Ball Railings with Anglepoise white lamps and IKEA desk

Their colour really is as you see it in the photos. Intense. Exactly what I was after. They are elegant, lightweight and can even be stacked when needed. There is a big "but" coming up, however. You see, these are dining chairs, so not nearly as comfortable as my Eames DAW chairs. And they are taller too! Which means, short me (5ft 3'?) cannot even touch the floor properly sitting on them.

So whether these stay here long term, I don't know. They will stick around as I have visitors often. As dining chairs though, no problem (and their price is great). By the way, if you ever want to buy anything over £100 at, you can use my referral code for an instant £15 off (I get a £15 credit on my account too when you do, so woo-hoo!). But let's get on with the makeover, shall we?

So here are the 3 prints I chose from HOMELOV (all the resources are at the end of the post where you can shop the look). Two are abstract, one is typography but all three have green/gold to connect them.

In terms of quality, the two large prints have paper that feels like heavy matt photographic paper. It is not poster-like, so I assume it is better quality. The hexagon on the left appears to be gold-foil, but it's printed to look like it, it is not gold foil (I did not expect it to be anyway).

The same applies with the word Paradise on the print to the right. Again, this has a gold foil appearance but it is not. The print in the middle however has a different paper feel and it is gold-foil and looks very luxurious. So overall, I am happy with the quality of these products which were delivered safely in a large tube.

What else! I made a quick trip to IKEA on Friday night, just before they closed, to grab some of their latest products, including some filing folders, notebooks, boxes and jars (and to up my stock on candles!). So the bookcase is a little greener now, although I am not done filing yet (in fact I haven't even started!).

The Tjena folders below are ace, totally recommend them, and there are also boxes in 2-3 sizes in the same pattern.

One thing you did not see, although I did mention it in my Instastories, is the faux plant wall panels (I bought 3). I was planning to put these up on the side of my bookcase, but then decided that no, I need another 8 panels and I will dress the entire wall next to the Mac (see above). I think that is the last bit I will do in here. Then it's full steam ahead for the Guest Bedroom makeover, and shortly after, to finally finish off the living room!

If you liked what you saw here today why not leave a comment below to let me know? It great to read your comments, the more the better! Did you like something specifically? Maybe you could suggest something for the room or the blog in general? Let me know, I am all ears!





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